15 August 2022

Labrador still doing well

Labrador is our last natural mainland reef, located next to the massive Pasir Panjang container terminal and near petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom. 
Collage of photos taken by team members
With permission from NParks, a small team checked it out this morning. Nice to know that there seems to be some healthy looking leathery soft corals, some small hard corals. Also great to see the common sea anemones are still there. There were also special finds like horseshoe crabs, a rare chiton and a Nat Geo moment with a flatworm.

Kelvin captured a flatworm chasing and eating a bristleworm! A truly Nat Geo moment.

The seagrass situation seems good. Labrador has been the stronghold for long Tape seagrasses. Elsewhere on our shores, since the early 2010s, they are cropped short and in some places, disappeared. It seems the Tape seagrasses still have long leaves today. Sickle seagrass seem to still grow thickly at the entrance to the shore, between the seawall and the jetty. Lush patches of Spoon seagrass (with small leaves) seem to still be growing on the mid-water mark all along the shore. There was, however, a thick bloom of Hairy green seaweed.
Collage of photos taken by team members
Thanks to the team for checking up on the shore and for their fabulous finds and photos!

Photo albums of the team who surveyed Labrador

Che Cheng Neo

James Koh

Kelvin Yong

Tammy Lim


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