09 April 2021

Big Sister’s Island closed 10 April to October 2021

NParks announced that "As part of our cyclical inspection of structures in our parks, our appointed Professional Engineer found the jetty at Big Sister’s Island to be in need of repair. To ensure public safety, Big Sister’s Island and its jetty will be closed for repair works from 10 April to October 2021."
Living shores of Big Sisters Island
Big Sisters' jetty (right).

06 April 2021

Mass coral spawning 2021

Singapore's corals are alive and very sexy too. Their annual orgy of explosive sex just happened! Thanks to the dedicated team who have been keeping an eye on this event every year, and Vincent Choo and Toh Chay Hoon, we get a glimpse of what happened. 
Last year, coral spawning period was in the middle of COVID lockdown, so we didn't get a glimpse of what happened. Thus it's a relief to know that they Did It again this year.

 What is Mass Coral Spawning and why is it a big deal? More below!

03 April 2021

Stars of Cyrene (West)

Although it lies in the middle of an industrial triangle and major shipping lanes, Cyrene has some of Singapore's most amazing shores. The 'star' of Cyrene are the Knobbly sea stars, so we are glad to see them still present in numbers on the western end of this submerged reef.
Knobbly sea star (Protoreaster nodosus)
We also saw dugong feeding trails, two Giant clams and lots of other interesting marine life.

02 April 2021

Terumbu Semakau alive and well

This submerged reef right next to Singapore's only landfill and near the petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom is very much alive! Large clusters of Magnificent anemones are common here, looking a little deflated at low tide.
Living shores of Terumbu Semakau, Apr 2021
Our last survey at Terumbu Semakau was in Jul 2020, just after lockdown was lifted, and when we got the alert that signs of mass coral bleaching were noted during the lockdown. Today, I saw lots of healthy corals, interesting marine life and more signs of a return of seagrasses. 

01 April 2021

Sentosa Tanjung Rimau still alive!

Our first morning survey for the year! We return to the shores along the natural cliffs of Sentosa Tanjung Rimau.
Living shores of Sentosa, Apr 2021
Seagrass and hard corals are doing well, leathery soft corals seem to be bigger and more abundant and the rare trees are good. The Common sea star is sighted for the first time since 2009! My last survey here was in Jan 2020, before COVID. Seems a century ago.

31 March 2021

Dugongs, dolphins and sea turtles seen (Jan-Mar 2021)

Among the amazing large marine animals seen the first quarter of this  year were wild sea turtles, dolphins and sadly, a dead dugong. 


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