29 November 2019

Two hovercraft land on Changi shore

This Changi shore is one of the nicest, with seagrass meadows and amazing marine life. Today, we saw two huge hovercrafts land on the beach, narrowly skirting the meadows.
Hovercraft lands on Changi Beach
This shore is still dominated by mussels, so our usual favourite sea stars and friends are scarce. I also saw fish traps, and people harvesting on the shore. But the seagrasses are still lush and lively with clams and small creatures.

27 November 2019

Seringat-Kias: Still seagrassy despite oil spill

It's wonderful to see the seagrasses in the artificial lagoon at Seringat-Kias are still doing well. Although we saw signs of a recent oil spill, which probably explains why the meadows were rather quiet today.
Smooth ribbon seagrass (Cymodocea rotundata)
I explored a small seawall and short reefy area on the other side of the island which was much livelier.
Living shores of Seringat-Kias
While the rest of the team explored Lazarus and other parts of Seringat-Kias with interesting sightings like a cone snail and more!

17 November 2019

Fish Expedition in the news!

How does the fish library help with Singapore's food security and in marine conservation? And just exactly how do you build a fish library? Readers of the Straits Times find out in this article on 16 Nov 2019.
click on image for larger view.
Plus a fun look at our fishes too!
Here's a closer look at the articles.

31 October 2019

Sea turtles, dolphins, sharks in Singapore waters (October 2019)

YES! Singapore got amazing marine life. The slew of sightings this month began with this awesome video of a sea turtle at Pulau Hantu on 13 Oct 2019. Thanks to TS Tan.
There was another sea turtle sighting at Labrador, while baby sea turtles hatched at the Sisters Islands Marine Park. Dolphins were sighted at West Coast and at Changi, and sharks were seen at the Sisters Islands Marine Park and at Pulau Jong! Here's more ...

09 October 2019

2 Nov (Sat): Calling all fishers!

The team from Natural Capital Singapore are doing a study on fishing in Singapore and would like to share the reasons why and how they are carrying out the study.
They would also like to learn more from those who fish on Singapore shores: why you fish, who you fish with, and what fishes you catch.

They are hosting a meet-and-greet session on 2 Nov (Sat) 11am at Singapore Sustainability Academy (City Square Mall).

If you are not planning to go fishing, please join them! Please share this event with your fishing kakis too.

The event is free. But please register so that they are able to cater appropriately. Use the QR code in the poster below or register at https://tinyurl.com/SingaporeAnglers

Date: 2 Nov (Sat)
Time: 11am - 1pm
Venue: Singapore Sustainability Academy, City Square Mall, 180 Kitchener Rd, #06-10, Singapore 208539

02 September 2019

Terumbu Raya is amazing

A small team surveyed this submerged reef opposite Pulau Semakau at dawn. They saw amazing marine life!
I did not survey as I was helping the CODEFISH team to sample for marine fishes. Work on this continues even after the end of the Singapore Marine Fishes Expedition 2019 last month.

Here's some of the highlights of what the survey team saw.


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