22 February 2019

Lush seagrass meadows at East Coast Park

The seagrass meadows on this artificial shore appear as lush as they were when I last saw them on May 2018.
Seagrass meadows at East Coast Park
And the sand bar continues to teem with Button snails, sand dollars and other small creatures!

21 February 2019

Pulau Semakau (East) is alive!

Under glorious blue skies, we surveyed the eastern shore of Pulau Semakau that lies next to the Semakau Landfill.
Living shores on Pulau Semakau (East)
These natural shores remain very much alive and seems to be in better health than our last survey in Jul 2018. We also saw two Fluted giant clams!

19 February 2019

Clam takeover at Changi

Clams have taken over most of a stretch of Changi beach, forming a dense firm mat.
Unidentified clam (Family Mytilidae)
There is also suddenly a lot of Fan shell clams, as well as Window pane shells. But there is still good seagrass cover, and some of the usual animals are still abundant.

18 February 2019

Get plushie Snapping shrimps and Shrimp gobies!

This curious partnership between a little fish and little shrimp can be seen on Singapore's shores!
How to make plushie snapping shrimp and goby
 I've made lots and lots of plushie partners to give to volunteers at the upcoming Celebrating Singapore Shores on 16 Mar (Sat) at Berlayar Creek. To be a volunteer, simply join the FREE workshop on guiding on 9 Mar (Sat), and see you at Berlayar Creek!

Here's more about Singapore's amazing snapping shrimps and shrimp gobies!

13 February 2019

3 March: World Wildlife Day 2019 focusing on marine species for the first time

'Life below water: for people and planet' is the theme of this year's World Wildlife Day
This is the first World Wildlife Day to focus on life below water. It is a great opportunity to raise awareness about the breathtaking diversity of marine life, the crucial importance of marine species to human development, and how we can make sure it will continue to provide these services for future generations.

12 February 2019

9 Mar (Sat): Easy nature guiding - a workshop with Ria Tan and friends

Registration now open! Thanks to the youths of Lepak in SG for having me conduct this FREE workshop on nature guiding without tears or fears!
Families on a guided tour at Pasir Ris Mangrove Boardwalk
Always wanted to be a nature guide? Want to be a better nature guide? This workshop is just for you! First timers and existing nature guides are welcomed. Find out what makes a good nature guide (psst, not knowledge, as most people think!).


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