03 September 2023

Sharks at Semakau!

There is a rich reef on the northern corner of Pulau Semakau near Pulau Hantu and Pulau Bukom. 
Kelvin gives us a new perspective of the shore from a drone! The survey team saw lots of sharks, giant clams, 'Nemos', tiny sea horse and other amazing marine life. The corals seem to be doing well, but the seagrasses have not recovered.

01 September 2023

Splendid Kusu Island

There is a rich reef edge on Kusu Island facing the Central Business District! It only takes a few minutes by fast boat to reach. 
A collage of photos shared by the team.
Links to their albums below.
Here, the survey team saw delicate Plate montipora coralsAcropora coralsBoulder horn coral as well as many other commonly seen corals.

31 August 2023

St John's Island still lively

A short boat ride from the Central Business District on the main island of Singapore, are the amazing living shores of St John's Island. Here, there are living rocky shores, reefs, seagrass meadows. 
A collage of photos shared by the team.
Links to their albums below.
The untouched western shore is part of the Sisters Islands Marine Park.  The team saw lots of small Diadema sea urchins, and small Arabian cowries. Always good to know that a shore is hospitable to young animals.

06 August 2023

Terumbu Bemban hanging on

This submerged reef flat is the closest to the Live Firing Area, and one of our favourite sites.
Living reefs of Terumbu Bemban, Aug 2023
There doesn't seem to be a recovery from the decline we noticed in the reefiest part on our last survey in Apr 2022. But there remains many corals here. The rest of the team spotted a Giant clam and other interesting marine life. While Kelvin flew the drone and got footage of a shark hunting in the shallows. 

05 August 2023

Terumbu Hantu still thrives

Despite being next to petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom and surrounded by heavy vessel parking, this little gem is one of our favourite sites.
Exploring Terumbu Hantu
Today, we saw lots of healthy corals and other amazing marine life. Kelvin flew the drone and got stunning views of the reef and surrounding area.

04 August 2023

Coral garden and lush seagrass meadows at East Coast Park

A reef has settled at a seawall on the other side of Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal next to the East Coast PCN. While one of our nicest seagrass patches is growing at the mouth of a canal here.
Living reefs at East Coast Park (PCN), Aug 2023
Lights on the horizon are ships parked off the coast.
We surveyed this shore as well as the nearby shore opposite East Coast NSRCC and checked out the seawall near the Adventure Centre. Our artificial shores are very much alive!


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