13 January 2020

Colourful shores at Changi Creek mouth with some seagrass bleaching

There are living rocky shores and lush seagrass meadows at the mouth of Changi Creek, where bumboats ply to and from Pulau Ubin.
Bloom of Ulva sp.
During a short evening survey, the team saw lots of sea stars, nudibranchs and other colourful marine life. Unfortunately, there seems to be extensive seagrass bleaching at the mouth of the Creek, although elsewhere, the seagrasses are alright.

12 January 2020

Beautiful natural shores of St. John's Island are alive!

A short boat ride from the Central Business District on the main island of Singapore, are the amazing living shores of St John's Island!
Living shores of St John's Island
The shores seem livelier than our last survey in Mar 2019! Corals, seagrasses and marine critters are doing better! The grandmother Nyireh laut tree is still alive and the beautiful coastal forest there looks fine. We also avoided stepping on a stonefish and death by lightning.

11 January 2020

Next to the landfill, Semakau (South) is alive!

Lying next to Singapore's only landfill, there are living reefs, seagrass meadows and mangroves!
Living shores of Pulau Semakau (South), Jan 2020
For our first survey of 2020, we saw amazing marine life here.

31 December 2019

Mega sightings: Nov-Dec 2019

As we end the year, here are some sightings of sea turtles shared in the last weeks of 2019! Arrow Archer shared this amazing encounter diving Pulau Hantu on 30 Nov.
A sea turtle was also seen near the Marina Barrage. While fresh dugong feeding trails are spotted at Chek Jawa's seagrass meadows!

14 December 2019

Will Chek Jawa be impacted by the non-stop rain?

The non-stop rain and reports of flooding in Johor recently made me worry that there will be a repeat of the mass death at Chek Jawa in 2007. Fortunately, during our survey of Chek Jawa on 14 Dec, we didn't see mass death, although we came across some small sea stars that appear to be dying.
Dugong feeding trail in seagrass meadows, Chek Jawa Dec 2019
It was great to see lots of dugong feeding trails near the southern sand bar! As well as many other interesting marine life! Thanks to NParks for permission to do this survey of Chek Jawa.

29 November 2019

Two hovercraft land on Changi shore

This Changi shore is one of the nicest, with seagrass meadows and amazing marine life. Today, we saw two huge hovercrafts land on the beach, narrowly skirting the meadows.
Hovercraft lands on Changi Beach
This shore is still dominated by mussels, so our usual favourite sea stars and friends are scarce. I also saw fish traps, and people harvesting on the shore. But the seagrasses are still lush and lively with clams and small creatures.


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