27 July 2021

Changi still alive

At an extra low tide, I returned to Changi Carpark 6. And found that shallow patches of seagrasses were exposed on the eastern side.
Seagrass meadows at Changi Carpark 6, July 2021
This shore reminds me so much of Chek Jawa!

26 July 2021

Lost Coast with signs of dugong, and otters!

This vast sandy shore is a habitat that is now rare in Singapore (thus 'lost') and home to animals that we seldom see on our other shores. Chay Hoon and I checked it out today, while the rest of the team surveyed yesterday - in line with the latest COVID restrictions on group size.
Views of the Lost Coast, Jul 2021
The shore is vast:
in the distance is Chay Hoon on the sand bar.
This reclaimed shore in Changi East was in the past, remote and difficult to reach; thus 'lost' in yet another sense. As development started in the area, it became strictly off limits without a permit. I had briefly surveyed it in Dec 2020, but not at a very low tide. We return at minus zero tides this year, with permission kindly arranged by NParks.

25 July 2021

Reefy Changi and a new seagrass area

The rocky areas of Changi were rather reefy this morning! With lots of animals that form colourful 'bouquets' on hard surfaces natural and artificial.
Various marine life on reefy Changi, Jul 2021
We also checked out a small seagrass area that we've not surveyed before and found lots of tiny little Biscuit sea stars. We have missed seeing them recently. Hope this means a return of these sea stars to Changi!

24 July 2021

Pulau Sekudu still alive!

A two-woman team surveyed Pulau Sekudu on the last minus zero tides for the year. Chay Hoon and I saw lots of giant sea stars, healthy corals and healthy seagrasses.
Various marine life on Pulau Sekudu
Pulau Sekudu or Frog Island lies just across from Chek Jawa on Pulau Ubin. Today, the sponge situation on Pulau Sekudu is not as rich as as Chek Jawa's southern shore, which we just surveyed a few weeks ago in Jun 2021. And like last year, we also did not see a single Biscuit sea star. I'm not sure why. 

12 July 2021

Serapong with SDC

One of the best reefs nearer the mainland is found on the undisturbed shore off Serapong Golf Course at Sentosa. Today, I had a chance to share these shores with friends from Sentosa Development Corporation.
Sunrise at Sentosa Serapong, Jun 2018
I can't survey and guide at the same time. So I am grateful some volunteers could focus on surveying. Their photos are below. Thanks also to SDC for being such good sports during the walk, and for supporting our surveys through all the years!

03 July 2021

Talks on restoration of Singapore's shores - July-August

Singapore has amazing coral reefs, seagrass meadows and mangroves! 
Join these talks to learn more about efforts to restore them, and how you can make a difference. Register here.


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