10 October 2021

Berlayar Creek is alive!

A small team checked up on the shores at Berlayar Creek on 9 Oct with kind permission from NParks..
This interesting shore next to Labrador MRT station has mangroves, rocky shore, seagrass meadows and sandy shores!

24 August 2021

Fishy at Pulau Tekukor with otters!

We did the last predawn survey for the year at Pulau Tekukor. This very rocky shore is just a few hundred metres from Sentosa and its western shore is part of the Sisters' Islands Marine Park. 
Living shores of Pulau Tekukor, Aug 2021
The team saw seven otters having breakfast on the island, found two Giant clams and lots more! The corals and seagrasses here appear to be fine.

23 August 2021

Five-clam day at Pulau Semakau (East)

In the last of the morning low spring tides of the year, we survey Pulau Semakau next to the Semakau Landfill and near petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom.
Living shores of Pulau Semakau (East), Aug 2021
Despite its location, this shore has living reefs with giant anemones, anemonefishes and lots more. The team found 5 Giant clams!

22 August 2021

Small Sisters in the dark

A small team surveyed Small Sisters Island in the dark. The animals are usually more lively at night!
Living shores of Small Sisters Island, Aug 2021
These shores remain very much alive!

21 August 2021

Cyrene (East) in the dark with Giant clams and signs of dugong

A small team surveyed Cyrene in the dark, when animals are more active. It's been a while since we did this.
Living shores of Cyrene (East), Aug 2021
We saw dugong feeding trails, three giant clams, cone snails, fishes and  more!

12 August 2021

Three-clam day at Pulau Jong

Pulau Jong is among the last untouched islands in Singapore. It has not been reclaimed or directly impacted by development. Pulau Jong is what all our Southern islands looked like before they were reclaimed.
Living shores of Pulau Jong
We often see many Giant clams on this island and today we saw three!


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