22 April 2019

Return to Sentosa Serapong after mass dying

We return to Sentosa Serapong for the first predawn trip of the year. On our last survey in Jun 2018, there was mass dying on this shore. With a heavy smell of death (like a badly run fish market) as we saw large corals and sponges that were bleaching, or had dying, rotting tissue.
Today, we didn't see any bleaching or dying corals. While the leathery soft coral garden seems to be doing well near the beacon, and the area nearer the old jetty seemed mostly alright, we didn't see as much live coral in the area facing the spillway. We saw familiar favourites like the red feather stars in abundance, also the Fluted giant clam. There were also many anemonefishes in almost every large anemone. So we can still hope for this shore to return to its full glory!

19 April 2019

20 Apr (Sat): FREE Talk on "Spawn Stars"

Once a year, Singapore's corals have an orgy of explosive sex! It usually happens around the fourth month, around four days after the full moon.
Here's an awesome video clip by Vincent Choo of mass coral spawning.
What is going on and how can ordinary divers help to document this spectacular nature event in our own waters? Come for Dr Karenne Tun's talk to find out more! No registration required.

03 April 2019

Balloons - NOT worth celebrating!

Thanks to Rachel Mark and Cassandra Chai for highlighting the deadly impact of balloons on our marine life!
Infographic part 1
They share more about the harmful effects of balloons, some misconceptions and alternatives to balloons for your party and celebrations!

01 April 2019

13 Apr (Sat): Visit the 2019 Draft Master Plan exhibition with Lepak in SG

Join youth volunteers from Lepak in SG on this visit to learn more and share your important feedback and suggestions!

The event is FREE but registration is required here https://tinyurl.com/lepak13apr

31 March 2019

Student ideas for developing Changi

I stopped by the public exhibition of ideas by students as part of the 2019 Draft Master Plan. Lots of interesting ideas, including some focused on retaining and enhancing terrestrial biodiversity. But there doesn't seem to be much consideration for impact on the marine biodiversity there.
I also took a quick look at ongoing and completed shore protection works, taking the route I did to check on the impact of the massive 300-tonne oil spill in the East Johor Strait in Jan 2017. The shores seem to be alright.

30 March 2019

All islands cleared of asbestos and open to the public

"All asbestos waste on the islands managed by SLA has been cleared safely" says the Singapore Land Authority in media articles. They are now open to the public again.
Jetty at Pulau Hantu Kecil
Pulau Hantu Kecil
SLA said that the asbestos "most likely" came from roof sheets, and was discovered in April 2018 by their contractors during maintenance and upgrading works on St John's Island. Since then, the following islands have been checked for and cleared of asbestos: Pulau Hantu, Kusu Island, Seringat-Kias, the Sisters Islands and Pulau Ubin.


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