09 July 2024

Pasir Panjang oil spill: media articles on impacts

A compilation of media articles on long term impacts of the oil spill.
23 Jun: TLDR - NParks reports a sea turtle nest was found at East Coast Park.  Asian School of the Environment and Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering (SCELSE) will be studying impact on microbes and collecting water and sediment samples around three sites on St John’s Island every three days.

08 July 2024

Mass coral bleaching at Pulau Semakau (East)

At a not-so-low-tide before dawn, we survey Pulau Semakau next to the Semakau Landfill and near petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom.
Mass coral bleaching 2024 check at Pulau Semakau (East), 8 Jul 2024
Despite its location, this shore has living reefs with giant soft corals, giant sea anemones and we saw 2 Giant clams! Unfortunately, it is impacted by mass coral bleaching. We estimate 50% of hard corals  and 70% of leathery soft corals were bleaching. Kelvin also flew the drone and will have valuable insights into the situation.

07 July 2024

Mass coral bleaching and oil spill impact at East Coast coral garden and seagrass meadows

Heartbreak as we survey the reef that has settled at a seawall on the other side of Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal next to the East Coast PCN. We estimate 90% of the corals here are bleaching or highly stressed, and about 50% already have dying/dead portions. 
Mass coral bleaching 2024 check at East Coast Park (PCN), 7 Jul 2024
One of our nicest seagrass patches is growing at the mouth of a canal here and fortunately, they seem alright for now. Oil is still very present on this shore which is not cleaned as it is not a recreational beach. We also had a quick look at the shore opposite NSRCC, which is being cleaned.

06 July 2024

Ubin living rocky shores with some bleaching

There are living rocky shores next to Pulau Ubin jetty. We started at Thomson's rock and was rather disappointed that it was rather bare of sponges, and the sea fans around it were mostly half dead.
Thomson's Rock at Pulau Ubin
Could the huge fish farm located just off the shore (dark blob on the right) have something to do with this? Fortunately, sea fans were doing much better closer to the jetty. Sadly, we saw coral bleaching.

30 June 2024

Chek Jawa closed 1 Jul - 31 Oct 2024

Chek Jawa Wetlands (circled in black) and the trail leading towards it (indicated in red) are closed from 1 July 2024.
This is to facilitate trail maintenance works. Expected completion date: 31 October 2024.

From NParks website.

27 June 2024

Mass coral bleaching at Cyrene, no oil spill impact

A small team decided to survey Cyrene on a less than ideal tide on the last of the low spring tide cycle. Because Uncle Tony ODempsey shared with us this chart. Which suggests the oil escaping from the accident site spent some time over Cyrene. Thanks to Uncle Tony for this important information.
Fortunately, we didn't come across any smell or signs of oil on the shore. Ian did a great drone overview of the shore too. We saw dugong feeding trails, Knobbly sea stars, Giant clam and other marine life commonly seen here. But sadly mass coral bleaching seems to be getting worse here. We estimate about 50% of hard corals and 70% of leathery soft corals are bleaching. On our last visit here on 10 Jun 2024, the estimate was15% of hard corals were showing signs of stress and about 10% outright bleaching. While about 40% of soft corals were showing signs of stress and about 30% outright bleaching.


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