26 September 2020

26 Sep (Sat) is Ubin Day!

Today is  Ubin Day, the grand finale of two weeks of Pesta Ubin.
Check out the NParks YouTube channel for interesting talks throughout the day. If you missed the talk, just watch the videos.

24 September 2020

Kusu Island pilgrimage 17 Oct to 19 Nov 2020

Due to COVID, only 500 people will be allowed per day during the annual Kusu Pilgrimage from 17 Oct to 19 Nov 2020.  Ferry services will continue to St John's Island during the period. But expect delays due to crowd control measures at Marine South Pier. Parking at the Pier is likely to be limited.
Reefs near the temple at Kusu Island
Check out Jerome Lim's awesome blog post for a glimpse into the history behind Kusu Island and the pilgrimage.

19 September 2020

FIVE giant clams at Big Sisters Island

We spend the last morning tide for the year checking up on Big Sisters Island.
Living reefs of Big Sisters Island
The corals seem to be doing alright and the threat of mass coral bleaching seems to have passed for now. The rest of the team found FIVE Giant clams too! There were also lots of other interesting marine life at this, Singapore's only marine park.

18 September 2020

Fishy at Cyrene in the dark

We survey Cyrene well before sunrise today. Fishes are easier to spot in the dark!
Living shores of Cyrene at sunrise
A shy yellow filefish as the sun rises over Cyrene. 
We also saw a Fluted Giant clam. And found a gathering of large Knobblies at a new spot on the western end of Cyrene. As we were heading back to the boat, Kok Sheng saw a sea turtle coming up for air!

17 September 2020

Giant sea stars at Pasir Ris

Large predatory sea stars were prowling the lush seagrass meadows of Pasir Ris this morning!
Eight-armed Luidia sea star (Luidia maculata)
This one had a lumpy centre - just ate something?
There were also other kinds of sea stars, large sea anemones, many crabs and other interesting marine life on this very accessible mainland shore.

14 September 2020

26 Sep (Sat): Talk on "Working with nature to restore our mangroves"

How can we give Mother Nature a helping hand in restoring mangroves? Mangroves provide us with many ecological and economic benefits, and many people are now interested to restore them and increase their area.
Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative practicing mapping mangroves
Prof Dan leading the research team doing Ecological Mangrove Restoration
in Pulau Ubin under the Restore Ubin Mangroves (R.U.M.) Initiative

Join Prof Dan Friess (Department of Geography, NUS) as he shares more about mangrove restoration. Successful mangrove restoration faces many challenges, though a new approach —Ecological Mangrove Restoration — is helping us to overcome these challenges in Singapore, Southeast Asia and beyond.

Date: 26 Sep 2020
Time: 11:20am to 12:30pm

Register online here 
This talk is part of Ubin Day and Pesta Ubin.


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