24 June 2021

Changi with sign of dugong?

This narrow sliver of intertidal at Changi Point is full of life!
Various marine life on Changi
I saw large sea stars, large anemones, lots of seagrasses and possibly some dugong feeding trails!

13 June 2021

Living rocky shore at Pulau Ubin

There are living rocky shores next to Pulau Ubin jetty. Today, we saw seafans, colourful sponges and other marine life here. But I sense, much fewer than on Changi shores nearby. 
Large fish farm opposite living shores of Pulau Ubin
Seagrasses still grow lush here, but I didn't see as many animals as I did at Changi. Could the huge fish farm located just off the shore have something to do with this?

31 May 2021

Button snails and hermit shell exchange at Changi

Today, I visited a Changi shore that reminds me so much of Chek Jawa long ago. 
Living shores of Changi, May 2021
The last time I visited this shore was in Jul 2015. At that time, it was mostly a sandy shore with very little seagrass or other marine life. Today, it has living sandy shores with Button snails, and lush seagrass meadows with lots of marine life.

30 May 2021

East Coast Park with possible dugong feeding trails

There is a shallow lagoon at East Coast Park which has slowly been taken over by seagrasses. Today, I return for the first time in 5 years to find a lovely seagrass meadow teeming with marine life. And saw possibly some dugong feeding trails!
Spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis)
We also quickly checked up on Bedok Jetty earlier.

29 May 2021

'Nemos' at East Coast Park

A reef has settled at a seawall at East Coast Park. While one of the nicest seagrass patches is growing at the mouth of a canal here.
Living reefs at East Coast Park, May 2021
Today, I saw 'Nemos' here! 

28 May 2021

Rocky Changi still reefy

There is an underwater garden on the rockier parts of Changi. Today, there were many patches of healthy sea fans. Sponges have returned, providing food for our favourite nudibranchs.
Marine life on and under jetty legs, Changi May 2021
Seagrasses sprinkle much of this stretch shore, with a particularly lush patch in the lagoon. Unfortunately, the large fig tree that grows here has fallen over. But fishing pressure seems to have eased as large parts of the boardwalk are closed.


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