16 April 2024

Singapore reefs may be hit soon in Fourth Global mass coral bleaching

The world is currently experiencing its fourth global coral bleaching event, the second in the last 10 years, according to press releases by international organisations NOAA and ICRIThe final determination of a global bleaching event means bleaching has been confirmed within each Ocean basin. Mass bleaching of coral reefs, since early 2023, has been confirmed in at least 53 countries.
From the NOAA press release

For Singapore, as of April, we are in Coral Bleaching Watch (yellow). In 9-12 weeks, we are expected to be at Coral Bleaching Alert Level 1 to 2 (red to dark red). From the NOAA predictions for the Singapore Strait.

So what is coral bleaching? Why should I care? What can one person do to make a difference?

12 April 2024

Will Terumbu Bemban be affected by Pulau Sudong reclamation?

A small team survey one of our favourite sites, this submerged reef flat that is the closest to the Live Firing Area. It is likely to be affected by the reclamation at Pulau Sudong scheduled for end of this year.
Living shores of Terumbu Bemban, Apr 2024
We had to wait a while for the sun to rise and the tide to fall before checking out the western shore facing Pulau Sudong. We find a Giant clam, and check out the corals and seagrasses growing well here.

11 April 2024

Still magnificent at Terumbu Semakau

A small team divert to this shore at the last minute. This submerged reef lies right next to Singapore's only landfill and near the petrochemical plants on Pulau Bukom, and less than an hour away from the Central Business District.
Living shores of Terumbu Semakau, Apr 2024
Despite the drizzle and short working window in the dark, we find happy corals and many Magnificent anemones. The seagrass situation seems unchanged and we continue to hope for the best.

10 April 2024

Cyrene with Giant sea stars, Giant clams and signs of dugong

We arrive at Cyrene well before dawn for the first morning survey of the year. Although Cyrene lies in the middle of an industrial triangle, it still has some of Singapore's most amazing shores.
Living shores of Cyrene, Apr 2024
We saw dugong feeding trails, many large Knobbly sea stars, several Giant clams. The corals seem to be doing well. While the seagrass situation has not recovered, we sense an improvement.

20 March 2024

Planned reclamation at Mandai Mangroves

About 44ha of land will be reclaimed as part of works to expand the Woodlands Checkpoint.
Reclamation is tentatively scheduled to start in the third quarter of 2024 and slated to be completed by 2029. JTC and ICA said they will review feedback received from the public before finalising the report and starting reclamation works. 

JTC Feedback form
ICA Feedback form

10 March 2024

Terumbu Pempang Laut with signs of dugong

On our last evening tide for the cycle, the team surveys this huge submerged reef that lies close to Jurong Island and major shipping lanes leading to our busy container port.
Dugong feeding trails, Terumbu Pempang Laut, Mar 2024
How nice to see signs of dugongs here! The corals and seagrasses seemed mostly alright. Kelvin and Russel flew drones and got great views of the shore, and shark! Alas, it seems the Giant clam here is gone.


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