18 November 2020

Living sandy shores and seagrasses at East Coast Park

The artificial reclaimed shores at East Coast Park teem with interesting marine life! 
Living shores of East Coast Park
Just in front of NSRCC East Coast, there is a huge sand bar full of sand dollars and snails. Seagrasses are also growing lush here with fishes and crabs. These have all taken root naturally, without any human planting.  

17 November 2020

All's well at Berlayar Creek

With kind permission and company of NParks friends, we surveyed this interesting shore next to Labrador MRT station with mangroves, rocky shore, seagrass meadows and sandy shores!
Living shores of Berlayar Creek
The sandy area at the mouth of the Creek is still large and very much alive. We saw hints of Button snails and a large buried fish! Seagrasses remain lush and the small clump of Tape seagrass had regained long leaves! There was no sign of bleaching.

16 November 2020

Bay of Marinas: rare mangroves in secret lagoon!

There is a secret lagoon on Seringat-Kias opposite the Business District on mainland Singapore. This small opening in the seawall connects the lagoon to the sea.
Seringat mangrove lagoon
Today, I found the lagoon is full of the rare Api-api jambu (Avicennia marina), probably 50 or more trees! Seagrasses have also taken over the lagoon. These have all taken root naturally, without any human planting. Meanwhile, the rest of the team saw THREE Giant clams as they surveyed Lazarus Island. And our skipper sighted THREE sea turtles!

Three-clam day at Lazarus Island

While I was surveying a secret lagoon at Seringat-Kias, the rest of the team surveyed Lazarus Island.
All photos by Jianlin Liu.

They found THREE Giant clams, a special octopus and more!

Sea turtles at Seringat-Kias lagoon

Today, three sea turtles were sighted by Alex Yip, our skipper of Summit Marine Systems, as he waited on the boat in Seringat-Kias lagoon while we were doing our survey on Seringat-Kias and Lazarus Island.
Sea turtle
He also managed to document the sightings and kindly shared them with us. Thank you Alex!

15 November 2020

Two-clam day at Tekukor, with sea snake!

The tide wasn't very low and the weather was wet, as we headed out to survey Pulau Tekukor.
Fluted giant clam (Tridacna squamosa)
We saw two Giant clams, encountered a Yellow-lipped sea krait for the first time in years as well as other interesting marine life. The seagrasses on the shore facing Sisters' Islands are doing well, and I didn't see any mass coral bleaching.


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