13 February 2024

St John's Island still alive

A short boat ride from the Central Business District on the main island of Singapore, are the amazing living shores of St John's Island.
Living shores of St John's Island, Feb 2024
Here, there are living rocky shores, reefs, seagrass meadows. As well as rare mangrove trees on the untouched western shore, which is part of the Sisters Islands Marine Park.

11 February 2024

Paying respects to our Big Sister

It has become our tradition to survey Big Sister's Island during the Lunar New Year. Part of Singapore's first Marine Park, we did our survey with permission from NParks. 
Living shores of Big Sisters Island, Feb 2024
It was a super windy day, which made it challenging to view anything under water! But the corals seem well, we were glad to see the Giant clam and other interesting marine life.

10 February 2024

East Coast briefly - with half a Stonefish

A reef has settled at a seawall on the other side of Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal next to the East Coast PCN. While one of our nicest seagrass patches is growing at the mouth of a canal here.
A small team surveyed this shore on a not-so-low tide and came across half a Stonefish, and a whole moray eel. Our artificial shores are very much alive!

27 January 2024

Reclamation at Pulau Sudong

31ha reclamation at East Pulau Sudong will result in loss of corals, seagrass and mangroves.

A more detailed biodiversity management plan will be drawn up with the National Parks Board before reclamation works begin. Planned mitigating measures include relocation. As well as habitat restoration after reclamation is completed by 2028. To better support biodiversity and hasten nature’s recolonisation, bio-tiles may be installed on the sea walls.

14 January 2024

Kusu Island with sea krait!

This rich shore lies just opposite the Central Business District, less than half an hour away by fast boat.
Living reefs of Kusu Island, Jan 2024
The reefs seem to be well and the team get a rare glimpse of a Yellow-lipped sea krait, cone snail and other interesting marine life.

13 January 2024

Lazarus and Seringat-Kias still alive!

We survey Lazarus Island and the artificial Seringat-Kias lagoon (also called Eagle Bay by boaters).
Seagrasses at Seringat-Kias lagoon, Jan 2024
Seagrasses are still growing well at the artificial lagoon, and the natural coastal forest at Lazarus still okay. The shores seem quieter than in the past, but we didn't see any bleaching corals or mass deaths.


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