29 May 2020

Dr Neo Mei Lin shares about Giant clams

Dr Neo Mei Lin shared about her fascinating work on Giant clams. They can walk! No, they don't trap and kill divers - and how this myth came about. As well as their sex lives and about their status and conservation efforts.
A marine biologist, Mei Lin is also active in marine outreach, and is a key force behind Celebrating Singapore Shores, a platform to raise awareness of Singapore's marine life and how ordinary people can connect, respect and protect it.

More about Mei Lin and her work here. And more about Giant clams in Singapore.

This was held live on 28 May 2020 on Ocean Geographic LIVE.

View the video here.

28 May 2020

Singapore marine scientists share about their work

Singapore marine scientists shared about marine research and conservation in Singapore!
They gave engaging insights to their areas of studies in marine science, and highlighted how ordinary people can join in to support their work.
Moderated by Sam Shu Qin, Dr. Jani Tanzil spoke about her work studying corals, Dr. Zeehan Jaafar spoke about developing the Fish Library in Singapore, Dr. Ow Yan Xiang spoke about her work on seagrasses, and Dr. Karenne Tun spoke on NParks' work on marine conservation.

This was held live on 27 May 2020 as part of ADEX Pixel Virtual Expo.

View the video here.

23 May 2020

'Colourful bleaching' may suggest better recovery

During mass coral bleaching, when many corals turn white, some corals may have flourescent bright colours. I have wondered why.
Mass coral bleaching at Terumbu Semakau, 9 Jul 2016
Mass coral bleaching on Terumbu Semakau, Jul 2016
Research by Jorg Wiedenmann and team have discovered why, and the findings suggest a better chance for recovery when corals bleach colourful instead of dead pure white.

14 May 2020

Your simple photos can make a difference!

It made my day to see how my humble photo of our seagrasses could help raise awareness of seagrasses in Tasmania. If my simple photo can help save sea dragons on such a beautiful shore, it would be amazing!
It wasn't a good photo and wasn't a photo of seagrasses in good condition. I'm glad that it nevertheless was helpful to this good cause.

Here's what Nicholas Alexander, NRM Project Officer from Kingborough Council wrote to me:

21 April 2020

March-April 2020: Dolphins, sea turtles, and possible coral orgy

Just before the 'Circuit Breaker', these amazing sightings were shared. Dolphins while kayaking our Southern Islands, and a sea turtle that came out to lay eggs on our shores.
April is also the season for mass coral spawning of our reefs. But just because we were not out there to see, doesn't mean life doesn't go on in our waters!

14 April 2020

For young marine scientists in Singapore: applications close 15 May 2020

Specially for youths, get funding to do marine science in Singapore at St. John's Island National Marine Laboratory!
Exploring St John's Island off the central business district
St John's Island intertidal, just opposite the Central Business District.

Applications for the Explore - Young Marine Scientist Award has just been opened. This will be the last call for applications for the year.

Applications open: 13 April 2020
Deadline for submission of applications: 15 May 2020


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