09 August 2020

22 Aug (Sat): Talk on "When the Seas Explode Life!" by Dr Karenne Tun, NParks

A visual underwater spectacle that is rarely seen, this talk offers a vicarious experience for the annual phenomena that sustains and propagates our reef ecosystems. Through verses and visuals, our speaker will share her 18 years of documenting coral spawning in Singapore waters.

By Dr. Karenne Tun, Director / Biodiversity (Coastal & Marine), National Biodiversity Centre, NParks

22 Aug (Sat): 10.30am Singapore time (GMT +8)

Register to be part of the Zoom session (Limited slots!)
or stream the talk live on the NParksSG YouTube channel.

07 August 2020

15 Aug (Sat): Talk on "Fishy Tales" by Dr Jeffrey Low, NParks

Wrasses and seahorses amongst reefs; iridescent angelfish in the deep seascape - this session will regale you with personal encounters beneath the waves. Who knows what more you may discover from these fishy tales?

By Dr. Jeffrey Low, Senior Manager / Biodiversity (Coastal & Marine), National Biodiversity Centre, NParks

15 Aug (Sat): 10.30am Singapore time (GMT +8)

Register to be part of the Zoom session (Limited slots!)
or stream the talk live on the NParksSG YouTube channel.

05 August 2020

Clams still dominate this Changi shore

This Changi shore is one of the nicest, with seagrass meadows and amazing marine life.
Living shores of Changi, Aug 2020
Large beds of mussels, which we first noticed in Feb 2019, still dominate this shore. I notice less seagrass in many parts of the shore. But seagrasses are still lush in other parts, and we still encounter our favourite anemones and sea stars.

04 August 2020

Special Changi shore still alive!

There is a stretch of Changi which has lush seagrasses as well as colourful rich marine life growing on hard surfaces.
Various marine life on a Changi jetty
This shore was hit by the Jan 2017 oil spill and scoured by loose stakes rolling on the shore. It's good to see that the situation continues to improve here.

01 August 2020

29 Aug (Sat): Talk on "Turtle Tales from Across the Seas" by Rushan A. Rahman

Rushan has worked several exciting sea turtle projects from around the world. Join him as he tells a tale of three such sea turtles from across the seven seas. While some of these stories have a happy ending, it is not so for all sea turtles, here or abroad.
But all is not lost, as you will find that YOU have the power to be the change sea turtles need. 

Date: 29 Aug (Sat)
Time: 3-4pm Singapore time (GMT +8)
Register here 

Organised by the Herpetological Society of Singapore

Check out their other talks in August too!

30 July 2020

Mega fauna sightings (May-Jul 2020)

Sea turtles and signs of dugongs were seen on our shores as surveys and dives restarted in Phase 2.
Jimmy Choo encountered this beautiful Hawksbill sea turtle while diving Pulau Hantu on 12 Jul 2020.

Have you seen sea turtles in and around Singapore? Perhaps while on a stroll by the sea, or while boating, kayaking, fishing or diving? Share your sightings in this survey to help Dr Zeehan Jaafar and her team identify areas where sea turtles (alive, injured, or dead) are encountered. So that we can all better understand these magnificent creatures!


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