19 July 2019

Pasir Ris explodes with sea hares and Babylon snails

There are lush seagrass meadows at Pasir Ris Park. This morning, there were lots of Hairy sea hares and Babylon snails.
Spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis)
It's been a while since I surveyed this shore in Jul 2017. I'm relieved to see it's doing well.

18 July 2019

Sentosa Tanjung Rimau still alive!

There were dense patches of branching corals at Sentosa this morning! Some of the seagrasses are doing well and I saw some interesting creatures.
Branching montipora coral (Montipora sp.)
It is always bitter sweet for me to survey this shore. I had helplessly watched some of the reefiest parts of the northern shoreline being buried for Resorts World Sentosa 10 years ago.

17 July 2019

Sea slug overdose on Changi Creek shores

This morning, a small team come across a wide variety of nudibranchs, sea slugs and flatworms!
Living shores of Changi
Along a small stretch of Changi Creek shores that was recently impacted by months of construction of a new seawall.

11 July 2019

Dolphins, sea turtles (Jan-June 2019)

There are wild dolphins, sea turtles and other amazing mega fauna in Singapore waters!

Jeff Lim saw a small group of 4 about dolphins off Labrador Jetty at 10am on 7 July 2019, Sunday. He shared this video of them that he took. Here's a compilation of more sightings shared in Jan-June 2019!

08 July 2019

Return of leathery corals to Terumbu Pempang Tengah!

Located near Jurong Island and next to Pulau Bukom and the petrochemical plants there. And yet, this large submerged reef has corals and other reef life!
Living shores of Terumbu Pempang Tengah
Today it was clear that the leathery soft corals have returned to dominate the reefs here. They were badly hit during the mass coral bleaching in 2016. I was glad to see the field of living branching corals are still doing well too, although disappointed that the seagrasses were not doing better.

07 July 2019

Terumbu Hantu still very reefy

This tiny submerged reef next to Pulau Hantu has some of the nicest patches of corals that I've seen. It's good to see that it continues to do well.
Living shores of Terumbu Hantu, Jul 2019
Although we didn't find any Giant clams, and there seems to be a new hole on the reef from a recent boat strike. The rest of the team saw cushion stars, special slugs and more!


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