15 August 2022

Berlayar Creek a little quiet

With kind permission and company of NParks friends, we surveyed this interesting shore next to Labrador MRT station with mangroves, rocky shore, seagrass meadows and sandy shores!
Berlayar Creek, Aug 2022
Today, a small team checked it out. The seagrasses are doing well, but it seems a little quiet with fewer animals seen compared to our surveys in Oct 2021 and Nov 2020.

Seagrasses are growing lush near the Labrador seawall and all along the boardwalk.
Spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis)
There are lush patches also at the entrance to Marina at Keppel Bay.
Spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis)
At the water line, there are dense growths of seagrasses all the way to the Marina.
Spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis)
There were still many Haddon's carpet anemones. And even one Pore hard coral. Some sponges and a small clump of zoanthids.
Spoon seagrass (with tiny and large leaves) are still growing. The patch of Tape seagrass has long leaf blades and had female flowers.
There are slivers of rocky shore here near the boardwalk. As usual, the rocks were covered with lots of snails. I saw many Lightning dove snailsTurban snails and Top shell snails. I also saw a Giant carpet anemone, the rare Cryptic sea starBelongkeng snail and Giant top shell snail.
The sandy shores may look lifeless but take a closer look to spot tell tale signs of buried animals. Like little crabs, large worms. I also saw many small swimming crabs among the waves, while there were some live moon snails and their egg capsules (sand collars). But I didn't see any Common sea stars or live Cake sand dollars.
I came across an abandoned fishing net that was so old it was well encrusted with seaweeds. No animals were trapped in it. There were still lots of golf balls littering the shore. We cleaned up some of them.
Our team split up so that some could survey Labrador at the same time. Their finds are compiled in a separate blog post. Thanks to NParks for permission to survey the shore. Special thanks to Boxin and Pin Chong for looking after us and for taking care of these precious shores.

What is the fate of  Labrador and Berlayar Creek?

Although it's not clear whether Labrador and Berlayar Creek are slated for  reclamation in the Long-Term Plan Review, massive reclamation is planned for areas nearby.


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