27 February 2017

Singapore got sea turtles!

Last weekend, Serin Subaraj saw 6-7 Green and Hawksbill sea turtles off Pulau Semakau!

While Richard Lim shared seeing a sea turtle off Pulau Ubin!

On 25 Feb 2017, Serin Subaraj shared sightings of 6-7 Green and Hawksbill sea turtles off Pulau Semakau.

Here's an awesome video clip by Serin Subaraj.

Marcus Ng also shared this photo of one of the sea turtles.

On 26 Feb, Richard Lim, an experienced kayaker, reported seeing a large Green sea turtle at Eastern Pulau Ubin. It was about 1m in diameter. It breathed loudly and surprised Richard. Unfortunately, Richard didn't have a camera to record this sighting.

Singapore's waters are alive!

More about our sea turtles on the wildsingapore fact sheets.

Unfortunately, last month, a large sea turtle was found dead at Changi. It is possible that this sea turtle was sick from eating plastic. This blocks a sea turtle's guts, leading to gases building up inside the sea turtle which causes it to float and unable to dive deep to avoid ships.
Photo by Chandran V. R. from
Badly cut 1m-long sea turtle found dead along Changi Beach
by Lydia Lam Straits Times 2 Jan 17

You CAN make a difference for our shores!

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Speak up about our shores. Enjoyed your trip? Tell the organisers, agencies managing the shore. You don't need to write only to complain. Written support of existing habitats will strengthen the case for preserving them. Don't wait until they are at risk!

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MORE! About our wild places how to get there, what to see and do, what to prepare.

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