30 January 2017

Living shores of Seringat-Kias

On a drizzly evening, a small team surveyed the artificial lagoon at Seringat-Kias.
Rainbow over Seringat-Kias
Seagrasses have settled in the lagoon, with sea stars and other marine life. On the seawall, there was even a Giant clam!

Seringat-Kias was created by reclaiming the submerged reefs of Seringat and Kias. One of the touted features on this island is the C-shaped 1km long artificial lagoon. Here's more about what was done to create Seringat-Kias. There's marine life on the artificial shore as well as on the natural shores of Lazarus Island.
Kok Sheng pointed out the many huge Forskal's sidegill slugs at the water's edge.
Forskal's sidegill slug (Pleurobranchus forskalii)
I also saw several egg ribbons (some pink, others white), probably laid by these enormous slugs.
Another special find was the Clear sundial snail. I saw two of them.
The most abundant mollusc on the shore were Bazillion snails. There were also some Dubious nerites. There were many Oval moon snails and one Spotted moon snail. Other molluscs included some small Window-pane shells and egg capsules of squid.
There were also a few large Fan shell clams among the seagrasses.
Fan shell clam (Family Pinnidae)
There were not many sea anemones. I only saw one  Giant carpet anemone, one Peachia anemone and one Pearly anemone. I didn't see any Haddon's carpet anemones. Kok Sheng saw a Haeckel's anemone!
There were several Common cerianthids, some with Phoronid worms, and two Slender sea fans. As night fell, I saw Spotted moon crabs, tiny to small Flower crabs and other Swimming crabs.
There were many Common sea stars,  many in  'mating' position. But my special find was the  smallest Common sea star  I have ever seen. Its arms was hardly longer than a Bazillion snail. Kok Sheng also found a baby Knobbly sea star.
There were not many other echinoderms.  I saw one Remarkable sea cucumber that looked ill with several Bazillion snails that  look like they were eating it. Also several skeletons of the Thick-edged sand dollar but no live ones, and one small Garlic bread sea cucumber. I didn't see any sea urchins.
Some corals and zoanthids grew on the artificial seawalls.  Most were not bleaching although the Zebra corals looked rather pale.
The southern side of the lagoon had only Needle seagrass (narrow leaf blade). The northern side also had Spoon seagrass (tiny leaf blade). Kok Sheng saw Sickle seagrass growing in deeper water.
Seagrasses at Seringat-Kias
There was a bloom of Slender pom pom red seaweed, as well as Sea lettuce green seaweed. With large quantities of these seaweeds washing up on the shore.
Bloom of Slender crunchy pom-pom red seaweed (Jania sp.)
The trash situation at the lagoon seems much better than on our last trip here in Aug 2015.
Seagrass meadows at Seringat-Kias
We didn't come across nets or people fishing or trapping. There were a few leisure craft in the lagoon as usual.

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