16 November 2016

Return to reefy East Coast Park

There is a very long seawall at East Coast Park that is only exposed at super low tide. Amazing corals have encrusted the seawall. While seagrasses have settled in the lagoon behind the seawall.
Today, for the first time in months, the team shake out dusty booties and head out to survey this shore. The Drone also flew for an aerial view of this marvelous reef! To my relief, we didn't see much coral bleaching.

Corals have settled all over this artificial shore.
I didn't dare to go out to the wall, but still saw lots of corals nearer the high shore.
Here's some of the corals that I saw. I didn't see any coral that were bleaching.
Kok Sheng the Human Climbing Crab went out on the narrow wall and shares this photo of the corals encrusting the wall.

While Heng Pei Yan, the Drone Commander, flew the Drone for these awesome aerials of the coral reef.

Our last trip here was in May 2016 before the widespread onset of mass coral bleaching. But Arjun Sai Krishnan reported lots of bleaching here when he surveyed it in July 2016. So it's good to see that lots of corals made it through the mass coral bleaching event.

There are also all kinds of colourful sponges growing on the rocky areas.
Other critters include Button zoanthids and ascidians.
The concrete walls are alive! Lots of encrusting critters like oysters and barnacles, as well as tiny snails, slugs and crabs. These coils are probably eggs laid by the Guam false limpets that look like little conical hats.
The patch of Serrated ribbon seagrass is still there and doing well.
There are also large patches of Spoon seagrass (with large leaf blades) and a sprinkling of Noodle seagrass. In deeper water, I could see the tips of 3 patches of Tape seagrass with very long leaf blades. In the seagrassy area I saw three Haddon's carpet anemones and one Pearly sea anemone.
Two men were gathering tiny clams from the sand. Drawing the attention of passers-by.
They rake the sand lightly to retrieve tiny clams.
Wild plants are growing on the high shore too. Like this pretty Poisonous sea bean sprawling on the beach above the high water mark.
The rest of the team explored some of the much longer southern seawall.
Tomorrow another shore survey! We sure do miss our shores!

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Others on this trip: Arjun Sai Krishnan, Nick Yap and the LKCNHM team

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