29 January 2015

Coastal works at Changi and Pulau Ubin

Large barges and cranes were seen at Changi Creek and Pulau Ubin jetty on my recent trips on 25 and 27 Jan. This is probably part of dredging at Changi Creek Jan-Jun 2015. And repairs to Pulau Ubin Jetty Dec 2014 to Jun 2015.
We also saw disturbing signs of fishing impact at Changi Creek.

On 25 Jan, there was a large barge tied up to large metal poles at Changi Creek, Changi Point.
There were booms near the shore next to Changi Point Ferry Terminal. Are they silt traps?
But there were no booms on the shore opposite SAF Chalets. This shore has more seagrass and marine biodiversity than the area that had booms.
On 25 Jan I noticed a very large barge with two large cranes deep in Changi Creek near the Changi Creek bridge.
On 27 Jan, I noticed the barge with the large cranes were now located next to the Pulau Ubin Jetty.
The cranes were used to move large steel pillars next to the Ubin Jetty.
This the work area at Ubin Jetty.
On 25 Jan, we had a quick look at happenings along Changi Creek. How nice to see a sign put up by NParks encouraging courteous fishing behaviour.
Including minimising their impact on the environment. I have been informed that these guidelines were first prepared by the Gamefish and Aquatic Restoration Society (GARS) and shared with agencies. GARS is a group of volunteers that has been working hard to improve fishing etiquette among fishermen.
Along Changi Creek, hidden by vegetation, we saw several tents.
There were lots of fish traps and fish nets stacked around the tents.
There were also signs of people setting up shop under the Telok Paku bridge over Changi Creek.
Next to it, more makeshift shelters.
Changi Creek has natural mangroves with some rare trees. Hopefully, such activities do not harm the mangroves and marine life that rely on them.


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