15 December 2014

AVA takes action on large marine trash washed up at Sungei Buloh

Did this large orange box painted with the number 12 come from a nearby fish farm?
Photo by Solomon Anthony.
Were the numbers on the box spray painted by AVA? In Jan 2014, there was a media report that AVA explained that it sprayed farm “items that tend to fall in the sea” including “container drums, sofas, television sets and refrigerators”.
Photo by the New Paper.
I wrote to AVA about the orange box and received prompt replies.

Thanks to Solomon Anthony who forwarded the photos of the orange box he spotted at Sungei Buloh on 10 Dec 2014. I sent them to AVA and asked "Is this box one of the items spray painted by AVA? If so, what information and action will AVA take?"
Photo by Solomon Anthony.
Within hours, AVA replied "The box with number ‘12’ is not an item painted by AVA. We will investigate into it and keep you updated of our findings."
Photo by Solomon Anthony.
Today, AVA replied "AVA carried out investigation and identified the fish farm which the container belonged to. We have reminded the farm on proper waste management and enforcement actions will be taken against him."
Photo by Solomon Anthony.
Thank you Choong Foong Choong from AVA for your prompt response and action!

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