23 October 2014

Mandai and Kranji mangroves to be fenced

Fences will be built on the landward side of Mandai and Kranji mangroves. Probably similar to the ones built along northern Pulau Ubin.
Tall fence that rings Pulau Ubin's northern shoreline
Why are the fences being built? What will be impact on the mangroves and shores there?

PORT MARINE NOTICE NO. 127 OF 2014 23 Oct 2014

Applicable to: Mariners operating off Poyan and Kranji Reservoir

Date : With effect from 27 Oct 2014 to 26 Jan 2015.

Location : Off Poyan and Kranji reservoirs, within the line joined by the following coordinates at two separate stretches (see attached chartlet):
click on image for larger view
click on image for larger view
The construction of physical sea barrier will entail installation of spun piles and anti-climb fences.

Any enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr Tong Pua Yong, the project manager at Tel: 9616 6144 (email: puayt@koon.com.sg).

[Update: PORT MARINE NOTICE NO. 09 OF 2015 dated 15 Jan 15, extended the working period 27 Jan 2015 to 27 Jul 2015 and revised the list of craft.]

[Update PORT MARINE NOTICE NO. 76 OF 2015 14 Jul 2015, extended the working period 28 July 2015 to 27 Jan 2016 and revised the list of craft.]

Why are the fences being built?

Media articles earlier in Oct 2014 reported that "another 80km of physical barriers, such as fencing and floating sea barriers, will be erected to cover about 70 per cent of the Republic’s coastline to prevent illegal entry. The first 30km of the additional barriers would be erected by around 2019, with the rest to be completed thereafter."

Has there been an impact assessment done on the construction of these fences?

I don't know. This was not mentioned in media articles about the construction of these physical barriers.

Do such fences deter illegal landing on the shore?

In Sep 2013, fish farm trash was found being dumped BEHIND the security fence onto Pulau Ubin's untouched northern shores.

Here's another post I did about Fences and barriers on our shores: do they work?

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