30 June 2009

Re-export of dolphins to Singapore not legal?

"The Philippines-owned CITES science team has just sent a letter to the government of Philippines that the import of the dolphins from Solomons earlier this year is NOT legal under Philippine law. There are now grounds to halt the re-export to Singapore as the legality is questioned."

Mark Berman and Lawrence Makili of the Earth Island Institute, Solomon Islands wrote this in a letter commenting on an article about villagers harvesting dolphins there.

Full letter on the wildsingapore news blog.

In late 2008, 18 wild-caught Solomon dolphins were exported to the Philippines for 'training' and will eventually be sent to Singapore for Resorts World Sentosa. SPCA has spoken against this move, and the issue was among those that sparked the setting up of the facebook group I will boycott Resorts World Sentosa and its Marine Life Park.

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