24 March 2009

Solomon dolphin forum a farce: annual export quota set at 100 dolphins

Environmentalists labeled the Solomon Islands forum on the dolphin trade a farce.

The Solomons government said "We believe that this opportunity should provide an avenue for all of us to air our views and establish an understanding as how to we would move forward."

But Solomon environmentalists said the forum was called just to re-enforce the government's annual export quota of 100 dolphins.

Pro and anti-dolphin exporters clashed at the forum, "in a heated debate that turned to personal attacks at times". But in the end both sides agreed that research into the wild dolphin population needs to be conducted urgently. This is to determine the number of animals in the wild.

"The export of bottlenose dolphin is our life, it is our only way of making money...and it is our culture to hunt dolphins," said Robert Satu of the Solomon Marine Export Limited.
Captured dolphins wait in pens in the Solomon Islands.
Photo: Simon Schluter from the Sydney Morning Herald.

Full articles on the wildsingapore news blog.

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