02 January 2009

Facebook Group: Boycott Sentosa Marine Life Park

"I will boycott Resorts World Sentosa and its Marine Life Park" was set up by Ping Teo (creator), Jaki Teo, Bianca Polak, Woon Tien Wei and Jennifer Teo.
It currently has nearly 600 members, although it seems to have just been started a few days ago.

There will be an official whale shark petition coming up in January. This will be actioned by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, ACRES, lovesharks.sg, SPCA and WildAid (TBC), according to the latest news on the FB group.

More on the Facebook group site.

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  1. At least they are not boycotting shopping centres for allowing women-shoppers to breastfeed their babies! Whew!

  2. Looking at the Sentosa shores, construction for the IR at Sentosa has already come this far. In my few cents’ worth, rather than talk about boycotting the attraction, I think people should hold RWS to its promise of providing world-class care to the marine creatures.

    Come to think of it, I’m curious as to the sudden interest in Marine Life Park. The plans for this project were endorsed and approved by the Singapore government way back in 2006 when they awarded the respective bids for the IR. At that time, how come no one make any fuss leh… Maybe if they did, who knows?

    To the credit of many zoos and aquariums around the world, I personally believe that there is still a place and role for these institutions in society… Really, only at these places can our young and future generations see and understand the importance of conservation and develop an interest in animals especially those that may be endangered…

    If RWS can keep its promise and aim to deliver an Asia’s Georgia Aquarium, don’t you think it will be the fortunes of Singaporeans and the people around the world??? :)



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