08 January 2022

SIBS: Pulau Biola, Pulau Tekukor and Raffles Lighthouse

Some of the core team supported the Southern Islands Biodiversity Survey (SIBS) during the last low spring tide. They surveyed Pulau Biola, Pulau Tekukor and Raffles Lighthouse. Their albums are linked below.
Composite of photos by Russel Low, Low Kok Sheng,
Chay Hoon, Jianlin Liu  and Vincent Choo.

From the NParks website: The Southern Islands Biodiversity Survey (SIBS) – a comprehensive survey of the terrestrial and marine habitats of Singapore’s southern islands. The survey, launched on 13 Dec 2020, includes the islands that make up Sisters’ Islands Marine Park, well-known islands such as Sentosa and Pulau Semakau, as well as smaller and lesser-known islands such as Pulau Biola and Pulau Jong. The survey will be carried out across two years, and also incorporates data from recent baseline surveys carried out by NParks in recent years. An extensive literature review of earlier records is also being compiled.

Pulau Biola

Russel Low on his Singapore Reef Watch site

Chay Hoon

Jianlin Liu

Loh Kok Sheng

Vincent Choo

Pulau Tekukor

Vincent Choo

Richard Kuah

Raffles Lighthouse

Vincent Choo

Richard Kuah

Marcus Ng

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