30 July 2020

Mega fauna sightings (May-Jul 2020)

Sea turtles and signs of dugongs were seen on our shores as surveys and dives restarted in Phase 2.
Jimmy Choo encountered this beautiful Hawksbill sea turtle while diving Pulau Hantu on 12 Jul 2020.

Have you seen sea turtles in and around Singapore? Perhaps while on a stroll by the sea, or while boating, kayaking, fishing or diving? Share your sightings in this survey to help Dr Zeehan Jaafar and her team identify areas where sea turtles (alive, injured, or dead) are encountered. So that we can all better understand these magnificent creatures!

During the Circuit Breaker, sea turtles were spotted laying eggs on our shore. This sea turtle was seen laying eggs at East Coast Park on 23 May, also World Sea Turtle Day! More in this mothership article.

Another sea turtle was seen at East Coast Park on 2 July. More in this mothership article.

Yes! We have dugongs on our shores!

As our intertidal surveys restarted, we observed signs of dugong on our northern and southern shores. Seagrass is the dugong's main food. Dugong feeding trails are formed when dugongs chomp up seagrasses including their roots, leaving a shallow meandering furrow of about equal width and depth. Dugong feeding trails were seen at Changi Creek on 22 Jun. More about that survey.
Dugong feeding trail at Changi

Dugong feeding trails were seen at Cyrene on 27 Jun. More about that survey.
Seagrasses at Cyrene, Jun 2020

Dugong feeding trails were also seen on Terumbu Pempang Laut on 26 Jul. More about that survey.
Dugong feeding trail in Spoon seagrass (Halophila ovalis), Terumbu Pempang Laut, Jul 2020

More about our sea turtles and dugongs.

We have dolphins too, although no sightings reported during this period. 

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