11 July 2019

Dolphins, sea turtles (Jan-June 2019)

There are wild dolphins, sea turtles and other amazing mega fauna in Singapore waters!

Jeff Lim saw a small group of 4 about dolphins off Labrador Jetty at 10am on 7 July 2019, Sunday. He shared this video of them that he took. Here's a compilation of more sightings shared in Jan-June 2019!

Robert Tan shares: "Yes, First Sunday dive trip for 2019 and we have a pod of dolphins sharing Hantu West reef with some 27 of us. We had a few dolphins last month, also at Hantu West but this time round, they appeared when we were into our first dive. They were still around after our second dive and we have to leave them to head back.

NParks shared: "Remember when we launched the first turtle hatchery at Sisters’ Island Marine Park last month? We’ve got a great update to share! 77 Hawksbill Turtle hatchlings, from the first eggs at our hatchery, have recently embarked on their journey to the sea. :) These eggs were found on Small Sister’s Island, a popular nesting ground, and moved to the hatchery’s incubation sand pit area to protect them until they were ready to hatch. We look forward to seeing these little ones return to our shores again in the future!"

St John's Island Marine Lab shared: "It was in April We were eagle to see more Ray lee came today"

Cuddlefish divers shared: "Dolphins sighted at #pulauhantu! Tks to Francis Dolphin for the video while we are helplessly watching in the water."

There was also a sighting of dolphins off Sentosa on 21 Jun. More here.

More about Singapore's wild dolphins and sea turtles on the wild fact sheets.

For more sightings of dolphins, sea turtles and other mega fauna in Singapore waters.


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