30 May 2018

For kids! Singapore shores at the Festival of Biodiversity 2-3 June

This weekend visit the Festival of Biodiversity to learn about our Singapore shores! 2-3 Jun (Sat, Sun), 12noon - 2pm  near Tampines MRT.
Get a glimpse into diving our waters, try your hand at intertidal surveys. Join art workshops and awesome storytelling!

Here's some marine highlights ...

Under the Sea
2 Jun (Sat), 4-6pm
Dive deeper into the sea to learn more about what goes on in our waters! Featuring facts about some of the marine animals found in Singapore, our "Under the Sea" hands-on game will definitely be an eye-opening experience for you!

Storytelling of 'Woosh – A Coral’s Journey' and 'The Super Seagrass Search'
3 Jun (Sun), 12noon - 2pm
Launch of Raffles Ecolit children's books
Cory, the little coral spat, follows the current on an adventure to find a home. It travels to many fascinating places but it doesn’t seem to belong! Where can Cory go? Meanwhile, mobody can beat Doo the Dugong at a game of hide and seek! Doo begins to find Ollie the Octopus in the shallows of Chek Jawa but the game suddenly takes an unexpected twist in the seagrass meadows. Even after searching high and low, Ollie is nowhere to be found! Has Ollie gone missing? Will Doo ever find Ollie?

Intertidal Watch Mini Survey
3 Jun (Sun) 4-6pm
Join us to learn how to do an Intertidal Watch survey without getting wet from NParks citizen scientists and volunteers! From this survey, you can get to know more about the biodiversity of intertidal habitats in Singapore too!

Fun with Marine Creatures
3 Jun (Sun) 6-8pm
This workshop will feature a variety of marine-related arts and crafts activities by NParks! Join us to learn more about Singapore’s marine biodiversity through these interactive activities. The workshop will feature a dot-to-dot tracing and coloring activity, where you can draw and learn more about the octopus, mantis shrimp and flower crab, making jellyfish out of upcycled egg cartons, and a variety of paper cutout activities such as making a bouncy octopus, sea turtle and wriggly fish.

More details on the Festival of Biodiversity website.

This article is written for Celebrating Singapore Shores as part of International Year of the Reef 2018.

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