17 October 2017

SG seahore ID, can? - a new facebook group!

Need identification (ID) of your photo of marine life seen in Singapore?
SG seahores ID, can? logo
CAN! Just post it in this new facebook group! Here's more about the group ...


  • any marine plant or animal taken on a Singapore shore.
  • mangroves, rocky shores, seagrass meadows, reefs, seawall, jetty, etc. As long as touch the sea.
  • taken walking, snorkeling, diving, etc.


  • photo NOT taken in Singapore. You can try posting it here instead 
  • photo taken of marine life in your hand or being abused or harmed, or in unnatural situations.
  • photo of captive animals, e.g., aquarium.

Especially CANNOT

  • Spam.
  • Posts not about ID of Singapore marine life.

All photos that CANNOT will be deleted.

Thank you to those suggesting ID. Please give scientific names where possible.

Photos in this group belong to the respective owners. Do not use without their prior permission.

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