11 September 2017

14 Oct (Sat): FREE workshop on Singapore Celebrates Our Shores 2018

Calling those passionate about Singapore's shores! We need your ideas on how to celebrate our shores for International Year of the Reef 2018.
Join us for this FREE workshop, designed to  be highly interactive. It will include a FREE tour of the awesome Singapore Maritime Gallery! And an introduction to Singapore's marine life by me.

Registrations now open! Tell your like-minded friends about it too!

Why are we having this Workshop?
Next year is International Year of the Reef 2018, declared once every 10 years. A chance to celebrate Singapore's shores throughout 2018. This workshop hopes to bring together those who have ideas for what we should do for this special year.

What to expect

Meet the passionate marine community! Join a tour of the Singapore Maritime Gallery by expert guides, to discover how one of the world's busiest ports also has rich marine biodiversity.

1.30pm - Registration, networking
2.00pm - Workshop begins followed by brief sharing by the speaker
2.45pm - Tour of Singapore Maritime Gallery
3.30pm - Group discussions and brainstorming
5.00pm - End of workshop

Please register here
Registration is strongly advised as it allows us to better customise the workshop to match YOUR interests.

Closing date: 4 Oct (Wed) 2017

More details on The Leafmonkey Workshop.

This workshop is organised in collaboration with the Singapore Maritime Gallery by the Maritime and Port Authority (MPA), and will be conducted by the amazing folks from The Leafmonkey Workshop.


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