04 September 2017

Help stop mass balloon event by CDC on 1 Oct (Sun)

Planned for 1 Oct, Run For Good Balloon Run is promising 'a thousand balloons', and a 'balloon invasion'. The 'whole route will be paved with balloons' and participants are encouraged to 'come dressed in balloon outfits'. Their ads suggest that they will be using helium-filled balloons.
The event is ironically a Do Good Initiative co-organised by Central Singapore Community Development Council and Kampong Glam CSC. The organisers say "together, we want to encourage our community to contribute back to society through Healthy Lifestyle habits."

Help persuade the organisers to consider the implications of improperly disposed balloons by leaving a polite and educational comment on their event photo (comments on the event post appears to be moderated) or write to the organisers on their facebook page or contact form. Do suggest wildlife-friendly alternatives to them.

Some of the advertising posts on their event page indicate they will be using helium filled balloons.

Advertisements on their event website.

The event website indicates the routes start from 468 North Bridge Road, Crawford Lane. There is one 2km route and another 5km route. Depending on the actual route, the thousand balloons may be very close to the water.

Responses by the organisers

4 Sep around 2pm on their event photo.

 5 Sep around 7pm on facebook.

This panel on their event website has been changed.

Update 11 Sep: Thanks to Audrey Tan for highlighting the story in the Straits Times.
'Balloon run' to take place without balloons, Event organisers scrap idea over concerns that balloons will create litter, harm wildlife, by Audrey Tan Straits Times 11 Sep 17;

Update 1 Oct: Thanks to Audrey Teng who shared what actually happened on the day itself.

Even though there were some aluminium balloons, it loos like they were not filled with helium.
 Kid's balloon is on a stick and not filled with helium. They did not line the entire route with balloons.
 Some balloons at key points.

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Previous online efforts that succeeded in stopping mass balloon events

How do balloons harm wildlife?

Balloons released will eventually fall into the sea, where they resemble jellyfish, the favourite food of sea turtles. When sea turtles eat balloons, they will die a slow and painful death. For more information on this see this link
An exploded ballon looks very much like a jellyfish!
This was seen at Cyrene Reef.

And in case you are wondering, YES, Singapore has wild sea turtles, they have come ashore to lay eggs and babies have hatched from our shores. More here.

Just last month, NParks reported hatchlings and a mother sea turtle laying eggs at East Coast Park.

Such incidents have happened regularly in the past.
In 2006 these baby sea tutles hatched at East Coast Park.
Photo by N. Sivasothi
A huge mama Hawksbill sea turtle had
come ashore at East Coast Park to lay eggs in Jul 2013.
Photo by David Tan.
Wild sea turtle seen at Changi attempting to lay eggs in June 2015.
Photo by Abdul Khabir.
MORE on impact of balloons on marine life


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