12 May 2017

Talk Rocks!

Natural rock formations on our shores often provoke wonder and questions. Now you can find out more about them from the downloadable "A Field Guide to the Geology of Singapore" by Grahame J. H. Oliver and Avijit Gupta on the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum website.
Rocky shores of Pulau Tekukor
Rocky shores at Pulau Tekukor overlooking
at the Central Business District.
The Guide takes a travel guide book-like excursion compendium approach and shares fascinating insights into some of our fascinating rocks.

The Guide covers a wide variety of rock formations at Pulau Ubin. From the rocks at Ubin Jetty
Natural rocky shore next to Pulau Ubin Jetty
And the formations at Chek Jawa.
House No. 1 at Chek Jawa
Also various quarries at Pulau Ubin, as well as the mysterious Tanjung Tajam near Outward Bound Singapore.
Tanjung Tajam, Pulau Ubin
It also covers Punggol Point.
Living rocky shore at Punggol
It also touches on Sentosa's spectacular rock formations.
Natural rocky shores and cliffs at Sentosa
Labrador Park has among our last magnificent rocky shores on the mainland.
Labrador shore
The guide also takes us to St. John's Island, Lazarus, Kusu Island. Here's a look at the magnificent rocky cliffs and shores of northern St. John's Island.
Natural coastal forest and rocky shores of St. John's Island
Lazarus Island also have intriguing rock formations.
Coastal forest on rocky shores of Lazarus
At Kusu Island, reclamation has changed the island and its remaining rocky cliff is hidden near the temple.
Rocky cliff at Kusu Island
This is just a small part of the many interesting rocky shores in Singapore. Here's a slideshow of them.
Download the "A Field Guide to the Geology of Singapore" by Grahame J. H. Oliver and Avijit Gupta on the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum website.

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