05 November 2015

Workshop for Marine Park volunteers

Yes, we can make a difference for our Marine Park! 30 new and old volunteers gathered for the first round of Classroom Workshops, as part of preparation to be volunteer guides at the Marine Park.
We had a great time brainstorming ideas on how to conduct fun and meaningful walks for visitors. Thanks to enthusiastic participants, and the hard work put in by NParks and volunteers to make these possible.

Here's November Tan of the Leafmonkey Workshop getting us started.
November gathers a quick round of House Rules for how we should conduct the workshop!
One of the objectives of a Leafmonkey Workshop is to allow like-minded people to network and meet.
With the help of technology, we had a great time doing collaborative note-taking and sharing of ideas!
Lots of images were added to the shared document! Including images of the group names.
The winner is the Dugongs, who came up with different images of dugongs for every exercise!
But the highlight of the workshops are the role-playing sessions. We have fun playing as well as watching some of the creative ways to deal with tricky situations.
The enthusiastic and creative participants really come up with amusing ways to share the message.
Taking selfies is a part of any walk!
Thanks to Nparks for providing the lovely room, the delicious snacks, and taking care of all the arrangements so we could have these great sessions. Unfortunately, the aircon broke down but everyone was a good sport about it!
Thanks to everyone for coming, and to all the speakers and volunteers who came to help. We will be running a repeat of the Classroom Workshop next week. I'm looking forward to it.

More about the training programme
More information about the Sisters Islands Marine Park


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