11 October 2015

Gentle wild boar family endangered by irresponsible trash disposal

If we don't alarm them, it is possible to have a closer look at the wild boar at Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin. Like this curious piglet who approached the kids on the Naked Hermit Crab walk yesterday. The piglet soon scampered back to join the wild boar family.
But at the end of the trip, we saw how some people had put the wild boar family in danger by not disposing of their trash responsibly.

Although the wild boar at Chek Jawa are used to people, they are still wild animals. It's ok to have a look at the wild boar from a respectful distance and avoiding sudden movement.
If we do not disturb them, they will not hurt us.
It's ok to take a selfie with wild animals as long as we keep a respectful distance from them and do not disturb them in their daily activities.
The wild boar really made an impression on this young lady! At the end of the walk, she carefully drew the three piglets she saw who were busy feeding in the leaf litter with their long snouts.
When the wild boar are feeding naturally on their natural food, they do so peacefully as long as we don't come too close to them and don't make sudden movements.
Wild boar being wild at Chek Jawa
At the end of the walk, the guides came across the wild boar family ferociously ripping up a trash bag laid NEXT to the animal-proof bin which was full of milo drink packets and other food packets.
Unlike their peaceful manner when feeding naturally, the wild boar were quite fierce feeding on the trash. Not only among themselves but also charging at humans who try to come too close. If any human were to be hurt in such a situation, sadly, the blame will be put on the wild boar and not the humans.
Wild boar eating irresponsibly disposed trash at Chek Jawa
The piglets were also vigorously chewing on the drink packets. It will not do them good to eat any of the plastic or packaging that the food came in.

Wildlife are harmed in so many ways when we do not dispose of our trash responsibly.

So please. To avoid harming wildlife, please dispose of your trash responsibly.

This means putting it INTO the animal-proof bin. And not NEXT to the bin.


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