29 May 2015

‘Conserving our Corals' T-Shirt Design Competition

Calling all creative coral lovers! The ‘Conserving our Corals' T-Shirt Design Competition aims to increase public awareness of the coral conservation activities of the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA).
Participate in the Conserving our Corals: T-Shirt Design Competition and stand a chance to win a Grand Prize of $2000! Visit http://bit.ly/1cWjTmC for more info! Submit your entries by 3 July 2015!

From the FAQs on the Competition http://bit.ly/1cWjTmC

MPA has supported and worked in partnership with marine experts and public volunteers to conserve local coral colonies around Sultan Shoal Lighthouse. This is part of the efforts in minimising the environmental impact of the new Tuas Terminal developments.

To-date, 2,300 coral colonies have been relocated to three sites at St John’s Island and Sisters’ Islands. Coral nurseries have also been set up at Lazarus Island and Kusu Island to enhance the coral biodiversity in Singapore.

More information about the relocated coral colonies and the process of conserving corals can be found in the document, Coral Conservation Process, which is available via the DropBox Link (http://bit.ly/1cWjTmC).

The entry form for this competitionis available via the Dropbox link (http://bit.ly/1cWjTmC).

Individual and team participation welcomed. Deadline 3 July 2015 (Friday).


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