17 March 2015

Coastal works will affect seagrassy Marina East

Our artificial shores are often full of interesting marine life. The sandy reclaimed shore at Marina East is no different. Loh Kok Sheng checked it out last month and found seagrasses and other marine life had returned!
Seagrasses just off the CBD!
Photo by Loh Kok Sheng taken in Feb 2015.
Alas, this shore is about to be affected again by coastal works.

Maritime and Port Authority Singapore
Port Marine Notice NO. 26 OF 2015 dated 16 Mar 2015

Construction of T-bund at Marina East staging ground
Date : With effect from 18 Mar 2015 to 18 Sep 2015.
Location : At Marina East Staging ground within the working area bounded by the  following co-ordinates (see attached chartlet):
Working Hours : 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays.
Details : The construction will involve the unloading of fill materials onto the seabed using excavators. Further enquires relating to the project can be directed to Mr Nelson Ng, Project Manager at Tel: 9636-7373 (email: nelson_ng@santarli.com).

We had visited this shore in 2008 before it was affected by construction for the MCE. Here's some of the awesome stuff we saw:
Lots of seagrasses, Dec 2008.
A fig snail, rarely found because it needs
sandy shores which we don't have much of, Dec 2008.
Huge sea stars! Dec 2008.
More old posts about our field trips to Marina East. See also Kok Sheng's posts about his trips to Marina East.

After the MCE construction was over, Kok Sheng had a look and found life had returned. He found various kinds of seagrasses and other signs of life.

Hopefully, after this round of construction, life will return again?

Wouldn't it be wonderful if coastal construction can be done so as to allow natural regeneration? Here's more about my wacky ideas for a Singapore Great Barrier Reef.


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