04 October 2014

Sharing our shores with Pacific Radiance

I had a great time sharing about our shores with staff at Pacific Radiance yesterday.
Photo by Pacific Radiance.
I'm so glad to have this opportunity to share about our shores.

Pacific Radiance is an established owner and operator of offshore vessels and a provider of subsea services, shipyard services, marine equipment as well as project logistics to the global oil and gas industry. I was impressed to see that conservation of marine life is a part of the company's corporate video. I also learnt the names of some of the many different kinds of vessels that the company operate.
Pacific Radiance is located very close to my favourite reef: Cyrene Reef which is full of life even though it lies in the middle of an Industrial Triangle!
I took the opportunity to invite Pacific Radiance to come and visit Cyrene and see this marvellous submerged reefs. I hope they will be able to visit soon!
I also took the opportunity to share about our Sisters' Islands Marine Park. How we have started public guided walks, and also volunteer guide training!
I was so touched to see that photos of our marine life were displayed on the company notice board! Wow! I also had another education session over a kind lunch treat.
Pacific Radiance is already involved in supporting environmental work. Pacific Radiance recently sponsored the purchase of one safety boat for Waterways Watch Society which works hard at raising awareness about clean rivers and streams.
Thank you Pacific Radiance for this opportunity.


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