04 October 2014

Fun workshop with volunteer guides at the Sisters Islands Marine Park!

I had a wonderful time at the first training workshop for volunteer guides at Singapore's first marine park!
Thanks to enthusiastic participants, and the hard work put in by NParks and volunteers to make these possible.

Kwan Siong did the much anticipated introduction the Sisters' Islands Marine Park sharing what it's about, how it came about, what's ahead.
Highlighting what you can do for the Marine Park!
November the Leafmonkey of Leafmonkey Workshops leaping and lively as she kicks off the workshops!
Pei Yan facilitates the workshop when mama leafmonkey has to rest. Sumita took care of the registration and arrangements before, during and after the event. And taking the photos in this blog post.
Kwan Siong shares advice in his usual humourous style!
We are very fortunate to have Ms Faizah Jamal, former Nominated Member of Parliament and environmental educator at the workshops. She shared important Big Picture issues and other wisdom that we should bear in mind when we guide.
Singapore is lucky to have many wonderful books on our marine life. Most are written by Dr Chua Ee Kiam. We also have lots of little BP Science Centre guidebooks that are invaluable in the field.
Some tips about using dead specimens to share with visitors if we have to take shelter during wet weather. It is also fascinating to try to figure out from their remains, how the animals died. Seashore CSI!
We successfully manage to do real-time online collaborative note-taking and sharing of our workshopped thoughts and ideas.
The highlight of the workshop is role-playing. It is really fun and lively to do and watch!
The teams were really serious about the role play, some going outside to practice first.
How can we gently share about our shores without hurting marine life?
Here's how NOT to handle a sea star!
Packet drinks were handy props for role playing exploring the shore.
Another group uses packet drinks too! And also an ominous black spot! (You had to be there to die laughing)
Seanus yapus returns. As a Moon snail.
The Moon snail is a ferocious predator. Here, it is about to do a 'Chainsaw Massacre' on hapless prey.
Thank you everyone for a really great time!

I'm looking forward to the second run of the workshop next week. All places are already taken up, I'm very sorry.

This training programme is a collaboration among NParks, National Biodiversity Centre, The Leafmonkey Workshop, Ria Tan (wildsingapore) and the volunteer guides of The Naked Hermit Crabs.

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