29 September 2014

Please speak up for Pulau Ubin!

Want more toilets, lighting, footpaths on Ubin? Want more boardwalks and trails? Or do you prefer Ubin to remain more wild and untamed?
URA has a survey listing some suggestions they have received for Ubin, and they would like to know what you think about them. Vote for your favourite activities, give comments on activities and suggestions you feel are not right for Ubin.

Some of the questions in the URA survey include:

Please rate the suggestions based on whether you prefer to see them implemented.
Highly not preferred | Not preferred | Neutral | Preferred | Highly preferred
  • Implement sustainable technologies (e.g. potable water, electricity, waste and refuse disposal)
  • More boardwalks, hiking and cycling trails
  • More signages/markers around island to improve way-finding and convey educational material on biodiversity, history and heritage of Ubin
  • Open up farms to visits
  • Open up quarries to accommodate more recreational activities
  • More cultural facilities and activities on Ubin (e.g. wayang performances, artist village, art exhibitions)
  • Colour-coding of hiking and cycling trails to convey difficulty of trails
  • Set key biodiversity-sensitive zones where visitorship is minimised
  • Provide research facilities for researchers and students
  • More reforestation and biodiversity species recovery programmes
  • Showcase the heritage of the island: its quarries, plantations, etc.
  • More public amenities (e.g. toilets, lighting, seating, footpaths, shelters, water points)
  • More water-based activities and facilities (e.g. kayaking trails)
  • More campsites
  • Restore and rebuild kampong houses for various uses, including visitors' overnight stays

What did you do on Ubin, and how often did you do them?
Never | Seldom | Often | Always
  • Trekking
  • Visit the temples
  • Bird watching
  • Visit the quarries
  • Visit friends and relatives on the island
  • Adventure cycling
  • Walk through the nature trails (e.g. tree trail, sensory trail etc.)
  • Running
  • Recreational cycling
  • Visit Chek Jawa Wetlands
  • Camping
  • Field research

Please speak up for Pulau Ubin and do this survey: http://goo.gl/3w4baO


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