09 October 2014

MORE fun workshopping with volunteer guides at the Sisters Islands Marine Park!

I had lots of fun at the second run of training workshops for volunteer guides at Singapore's first marine park!
Thanks to enthusiastic participants, and the hard work put in by NParks and volunteers to make these possible.

Kwan Siong gave an introduction the Sisters' Islands Marine Park sharing what it's about, how it came about, what's ahead.
One of the objectives of a Leafmonkey Workshop is to allow like-minded people to network and meet. And this happens with great vigor during the breaks in the workshop.
With the help of technology, we had a great time doing collaborative note-taking and sharing of ideas!
The note-taking was very comprehensive. Including images of inappropriate footwear!
And some imagined outcomes of my advice to cover all skin.
Role-playing is the highlight of the workshop and we have fun playing as well as watching some of the creative ways to deal with tricky situations.
The enthusiastic and creative participants really come up with amusing ways to share the message.
Once again, great use of props! With special appearance of a monkey!
And a pair of very hard working seaweed.
Taking selfies is a part of any walk!
Sean Yap is as usual, Seanus Yapus, some kind of creature or other during the role-play. Here, he is some of kind of unknown immobile yet rolling and twitchy thing.
This must be Sean's most complicated critter. A Giant clam!
The participants also had lots of fun coming up with group names.
This group underwent rapid evolution during the exercises.
 The Sotongs even came up with their own group photo meme!
Photo by Vincent Choo
Thanks to Nparks for providing the lovely room, the delicious snacks, and taking care of all the arrangements so we could have these great sessions.
Thanks to Kwan Siong for getting us a replacement projector on the second day! As the built in projector was literally bleeding pink.
Thanks especially to Pei Yan for not only doing the Leafmonkey Workshop introductions, but also the workshop sessions! These sessions help us come up with ideas to help visitors have a fun and meaningful trip. There is really no such thing as a 'difficult' visitor!
Thanks also to Sumita for helping to take photos and all the other essentials that make sure everything go smoothly.
We got great feedback from the participants on the workshop.
Thank you everyone for making the sessions fun and meaningful! I'm looking forward to field trip on Sunday!

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This training programme is a collaboration among NParks, National Biodiversity Centre, The Leafmonkey Workshop, Ria Tan (wildsingapore) and the volunteer guides of The Naked Hermit Crabs


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