29 September 2014

Get your mudskippers identified!

Saw a mudskipper and want to find out more about it? Share it on this new Facebook Group: Mudskipper ID!
Set up by Dr Zeehan Jaafar, she says: "Welcome! Seeking an ID for your mudskipper? We are here to help. We are a group of mudskipper enthusiasts who share photos and information on these cute critters!"

All are welcomed to share about all mudskippers around the world! Here's some of the cute mudskippers found in Singapore.
Here's a Blue-spotted mudskipper, skipping! Whee!
A Giant mudskipper, digging out its burrow
one mouthful of mud at a time!
A Bearded mudskipper 'dancing' by standing on its tail.
Why? To attract females of course.
A pair of Yellow-spotted mudskippers having a discussion.
Gold-spotted mudskippers are often seen in groups.

So please share your photos and encounters with mudskippers on Mudskipper ID!

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