18 March 2014

What's that plant? Find out in "Plants in Tropical Cities"

Encompassing two-thirds of Singapore’s flora, "Plants in Tropical Cities" is a must-have guide for plant-lovers and those bewildered by plants.
Overflowing with gorgeous photos, the book features native species of aquatic plants, mangroves, epiphytes, climbers as well as garden favourites. It will be a boon to those intrigued by plants in our wild places as well as in tame gardens.

Here's the write up on the book:
The Definitive guide for Plants in Singapore and the neighbouring countries.

With close to 2800 plants featured, we hope that this book will help everyone to appreciate all the plants around us in our daily lives. Nineteenth palettes or likely scenarios/situations (e.g. roadside plants, green roofs, green walls, epiphytic plants, aquatic plants, seashore planting, school gardens, mangroves, plants to attract butterflies, fragrant plants) were prepared that will be helpful for anyone embarking on any plant-related development projects or simply as a hobby. Not forgetting the scientific researchers and the graduate students for their plant identification needs, we put in as many botanical details as possible for each species, within the 1000 page limit! Additionally, an Index of Genus names for quick reference was also included at the back of the book.

The "A to Z" listing of plants gave us a chance to feature 26 photos, each of which is the representative" for each alphabet (based on the scientific name). Whenever possible, native species (to our Malesian region) and various plant functional groups (e.g. aquatic plants, epiphytes, mangroves, climbers) were featured throughout the book in our bid to promote better understanding of plant adaptations and also to protect our unique regional plant biodiversity. Plants in Tropical Cities managed to feature two-thirds of Singapore’s flora (ca 2800, including 650 native species; Singapore has ca 4100, with 2100 natives; exotics are ever increasing with new plant imports).
The power behind the book is Ms Boo Chih Min who has been working tirelessly on propagating native species of Singapore plants including mangroves! Her Uvaria Tide produces a vast array of mangrove trees and plants, including very rare ones. Now for sale in Singapore! More in this old blog post.
Another contributor is Sharon Y. J. Chew.
While the angel behind this dream come true is Dr Jean W. H. Yong (John)! Dr Yong is a great inspiration to many of us who work on plants and mangroves. I had the privilege of his teachings at Pulau Semakau where he pointed out all kinds of rare trees, at Mandai mangroves sharing with Rick Leong, the amazing Bruguiera hainesii at Kranji Nature Trail and lots more!
The book is designed to be easy to read (no words!) yet packed with information.
Through the clever use of symbols! Which convey a multitude of information in minimum space, thus allowing large and beautiful photos of plants! These symbol includes plant care requirements (useful for people with brown thumbs like me!).
A wide range of plants are included in the book, including those that attract birds or butterflies, as well as those suitable as indoor plants. There are plants for everyone!
Here's a sample of some of the gorgeous pages. On the same page may be featured wild native plants, as well as ornamental plants more commonly seen in gardens.
There's truly a mind-boggling variety of plants in this book.

Where to get your copy?

To buy a copy or order the book in bulk, please contact Ms Boo Chih Min at uvaria@hotmail.com

Dr Yong also alerts that highlights of the book are available for free download here.

Congratulations to Chih Min, Sharon and Dr Yong, for an awesome book that will no doubt be treasured by a great many plant-lovers.

Update Sep 2015: Here are the locations where you can buy this awesome book

Bookshops (& Online sites)

Basheer Graphics
231 Bain Street #04-19 Bras Basah Complex Singapore 180231 Tel: 6336 0810 Operating Hours: Mon - Sat: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm Sun: 11:00 am - 6:30 pm


Nature Niche (http://www.naturesniche.com)

Select Books (http://www.selectbooks.com.sg)

Order from us at http://plantsintropicalcities.weebly.com/order-now.html

Nurseries and others

Candy Floriculture
567 Thomson Road, Singapore 298183, Tel: +65-62566788, Email:sales@candy.com.sg

Eden Lifestyle Pte Ltd
11 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769960, +65-6759 1977, Email: info@http://www.eden.sg, Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 8:00am till 6:00pm, Sun: 9:00am till 4:00pm

FarEast Flora
565 Thomson Rd Singapore 298184, Tel: +65-6251 2323, Email:info@FarEastFlora.com

Hua Hng Trading Co Pte Ltd
15 Bah Soon Pah Road, Singapore 769962, Tel: +65-6257 3259, +65-6752 0500, Operating Hours: Mon-Sat: 8:00am till 6:00pm, Sun & Public Holidays: 9:00am till 1:00pm

The Plant Story
HortPark, 33 Hyderabad Road (Off Alexandra Road) #01-01 (Beside the Lawn), Singapore 119578, Tel: +65-9722 0438, Opening hours: 10am -7pm, Closed on Wednesdays and Major Public Holidays

The Tree People Pte Ltd
Holiday Inn Atrium, 317 Outram Road, #01-01, Singapore 169075 Tel:+65-8522 8973 email: sales@thetreepeople.sg

Thong Hup Gardens Pte Ltd
No 2, Jurong West St 25, Singapore 648325, Tel: +65-67922622, Email: info@http://www.thonghup.com.sg, Openning Hours: Mon-Sat: 8.00am - 6.30pm Sun & Public Holidays: 8.00 am - 5.00pm

Uniseal Singapore Pte Ltd
31 Mandai Estate, Innovation Place, IMMEDIA, #06-05/06, Singapore 729933, Tel: +65-6755 0055, Email: info@uniseal.com.sg

Uvaria Tide
Lim Chu Kang Lane 1 or Block 628 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-62, Singapore 560628, Tel: +65-9799 1341, Email: enquirePITC@gmail.com


Merry Horticulture
No. 7, Jalan Kluang,Parit Raja, 86400 Batu Pahat, Johor, West Malaysia. Tel :+60-7-454 1008, +60-7-454 1833, +60-7-454 4122, Email:info@merryhorticulture.com

Email: mynicegardenblog@gmail.com

Yi Li Nursery Sdn Bhd
No. 2083, Jln Bukit Mor (Nursery), Kampung Parit Kangkong, 84150 Parit Jawa, Johor. Tel: 06-987 2633


Danny Yu
HP: 66-816-722 778


Nature Niche (http://www.naturesniche.com)

Select Books (http://www.selectbooks.com.sg)

Order from us at http://plantsintropicalcities.weebly.com/order-now.html

For more information on our book visit the webpage below

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