15 October 2013

18-29 Nov: Workshop on Climate change challenges in cities

Come for this free workshop brings to understand adaptive technologies for urban coastal cities like Singapore in the face of climate change.
Talks include "Singapore’s coral reefs in 2050" by Professor Chou Loke Ming, "The role of mangroves in a sustainable coastal city" by Assistant Professor Daniel Friess, "The development of potential ecological networks for Singapore" by Mr Abdul Rahim bin Abdul Hamid and many more!

The workshop is an opportunity for local and international scientists, policy makers and private-sector individuals to understand climate change and to develop adaptive technologies relevant to urban coastal cities. A strong biology focus will see topics covering biodiversity enhancement in urban cities, sustainable urban design, sustainable ecosystems, conservation and urban greenery.

On the second day, in the afternoon, there will be small group discussions to identify knowledge gaps and come up with research questions. This is an opportunity for cross-disciplinary joint research to be formed. You are encouraged to join a group whose topic you may be interested in. Topics will be listed by participants on the second day.

This event is organised by the Department of Biological Sciences, Faculty of Science, National University of Singapore and supported by Climate Change and Sustainable Environment Research Initiative, NUS. The main organiser is Dr Amy Choong of the Department of Biological Sciences.

Registration is required by 25 Oct. Register online here.

More details on the Workshop website.

Dates: 18-29 Nov
Venue: LT 32, Blk S1A, Science Drive 4, Singapore 117543 the National University of Singapore.


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