23 August 2013

Pasir Ris floating security barrier: some questions

There is a long long line of floating blue drums laid parallel to Pasir Ris beach. These are a security barrier that were set up in 2010 to 2011.
After my trip today, I noticed a few things, and have a few questions about the barrier.

I notice that there are overlapping gaps in the security barriers.
There is a floating structure on the inside of the security barrier.
A closer look at the structure. What is the purpose of this structure?
Among the trash I saw stranded on the beach was this blue drum that seemed a little thin and had broken up.
Here's a closer look at the drum. Is this a drum from the security barrier that has come loose and floated up. Or disposed improperly?
When Pei Yan checked on similar security barriers at Sentosa, she noticed one of the drums was broken and leaking a white plastic foam-like substance on the shore. Is something similar happening with the Pasir Ris security barrier? Is there a regular maintenance programme for the Pasir Ris security barrier?
Photo of broken blue security drum at Sentosa
taken in Aug 2013 by Heng Pei Yan.
There are lush meadows of Spoon seagrasses in narrow strips at the low water mark on Pasir Ris. I didn't notice any dugong feeding trails at Pasir Ris, although such trails have been seen in nearby shores. Does the line of blue security barriers that lie parallel to the shore discourage dugongs from feeding here?
I'll try to find out more about these questions.

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