03 July 2013

Yes, dead fishes are from fish farms

AVA confirmed 90 tonnes of fish died in farms off Lim Chu Kang, in today's articles by Feng Zengkun in the Straits Times and Jose Hong in the New Paper. And these were the fishes I saw yesterday at Lim Chu Kang and which Andy had been seeing since 29 Jun (Sat) at Lim Chu Kang and Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.
The Straits Times reported that: "Fish farmers are supposed to hire private contractors to dispose of the remainder responsibly, one fish farmer said."

The New Paper reported that: "AVA said the farmers affected were advised to dispose of the dead fish by bagging them and placing them in the waste disposal bins. Additionally, AVA activated a waste disposal company to increase its waste disposal frequencies because of the expected higher amount of waste, the spokesman said. One fish farmer said he disposed of the dead fish in the bins on mainland Singapore, while trying to rescue its stock, the farm released some dying fish to "at least give them a chance to swim away."

Full articles in this wildsingapore news post.

This incident has made me even more curious about what exactly is going on with the fish farms and their trash disposal. If you have any questions that you think we should raise, please do share them with me so I can consolidate all the issues and try to find some answers.


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