08 July 2013

Sneak peek at the Festival of Biodiversity!

Volunteers were getting ready to share about Singapore's amazing biodiversity at the Festival on 13-14 Jul!
The Toddycats, volunteers of the Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, were learning from experienced members about the fascinating specimens that will be on display at the Festival.

The ever energetic Oi Yee shares tips about the snake specimens that will be on display at the Festival.
 There's also lots of awesome mammal specimens like the leopard cat and pangolin!
David Tan is very expressive and shows how to bring our specimens to life with bird calls and other active interpretations.
There's also marine specimens like a huge sea star, sea turtle and horseshoe crab that can be found on Singapore's shores.
Tze Kwan and Wei Ting gives tips about how to use the giant map of Singapore showing where some of our most precious wildlife can be found.
One of the exciting stations at the Festival will have microscopes so we can have a look at the tiny critters found in our water. Maxine is teaching the volunteers how to share about these.
There'll be lots of workshops at the Festival for kids. Among them, will be clay-making led by the ever charming Chay Hoon.
 A closer look at some of the amazing clay creations that Chay Hoon will teach at the Festival.
Here's some of the leads of the Toddycats: N. Sivasothi with Joelle, Tze Kwang and Wei Ting. The Toddycats are lively, well-informed and passionate about our wildlife! Come to the Festival and meet them!
After all the training, there was a great lunch!
Way back in the same lab during the Toddycats training, a small team of other volunteers were furiously sewing mascots for the Festival volunteers to wear. It was kind of Joelle to allow us to be there and to let us join in the lunch. So we tried to be helpful by being tough customers for the Toddycats to practice their stories on.
After lunch and the test runs, some of the Toddycats kindly dropped by to make mascots too!
The Toddycats seem to like the giant eyeballs we have made for them to use. Hurray! This will hopefully draw attention to the volunteers and encourage people to approach them.
This is just a small part of the many many exciting events at the Festival! Come visit us on 13-14 Jul (Sat, Sun) at VivoCity. More details on the Festival website.
Date: 13 and 14 July 2013 (Saturday and Sunday)
Time: 10am to 10pm
Venue: VivoCity, Level 1, Central Court B and West Boulevard
Website and contact: http://www.nparks.gov.sg/festivalofbiodiversity/


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