07 November 2012

Wild Singapore book in the news!

Thanks to David Ee of the Straits Times, there's a lovely article about the new Wild Singapore book!
Photo by ST photographer Desmond Foo

David highlights the strange justaposition that may perplex many people: "Singapore got wildlife meh?"

"British publisher John Beaufoy was taken aback in 2010 when he was pitched the idea for a book on "wild Singapore". He thought it was an oxymoron. But two years on, the book will sit on shelves worldwide alongside other titles in the "Wild" series, such as Wild Sabah and Wild Sri Lanka.

The book traces Singapore's natural history from the early 1800s, taking in the breadth and depth of existing flora and fauna, which the authors know will leave many Singaporeans as bewildered as Mr Beaufoy was."

More in Singapore's 'surprisingly green face' in new book by David Ee Straits Times 7 Nov 12, also on wildsingapore news.

More about the book in this earlier post.

The book is a small contribution to the vast work being done to raise awareness about Singapore's awesome wild places and wildlife!

The book will be launched this Friday. Unfortunately, due to space constraints, only for invited guests arranged by the distributor. But I hope to do a public talk soon about this book and our wild places!


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