15 October 2012

Our wild shores in a children's Chinese activity book

Thanks to Cherryn Yap of Splash Productions, some my photos of our fascinating mangrove life have been used for a children's Chinese activity book for Berries, a chinese language enrichment school.
The book is given out free to children on Children's Day!

Although I totally cannot speak or read Mandarin, the booklet sure does look engaging. With lots of little captions. Great to see my photos of some of our interesting marine and shore life were useful in this good effort.
I love how they used the photo of a pair of Malayan water monitor lizards 'hugging'. This is not what it seems at first glance. Here's more about them.
There's a great spread about some of the interesting marine life that can be found in our mangroves.
I'm glad to see how the diagrams show that some animals live on the roots of trees, while others swim in the water. The booklet has games, activities and lots of information on wild places for kids and families to learn and experience nature.
Berries has an "I love nature" section with more about their work that involves nature. It's nice to know of such efforts to raise nature awareness among our young ones. Bravo!

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