03 October 2012

Mega container port at Tuas

The hockey stick-shaped piece of land at the westernmost tip of Singapore is where all of Singapore's container port activities will be "consolidated over the long term with the first berths to be built there in 10 years."
"The move would free up prime land occupied by the terminals in the city area for redevelopment and result in more efficient port operations."

"This means that the city terminals at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel and Brani, plus those at Pasir Panjang will eventually be merged at Tuas. The port leases at Tanjong Pagar, Keppel and Brani will end in 2027."

"Now, Singapore has five container terminals - Tanjong Pagar, Keppel, Brani, Pasir Panjang Terminal 1 and Pasir Panjang Terminal 2. Containers are often trucked between these terminals for transhipment, adding to time taken, business costs and road congestion. Consolidation will eliminate this need for inter-terminal haulage. The new port will also give a clean slate and the chance to introduce more advanced technology and processes to meet future challenges."
Click on image for larger view.
Despite the close proximity to container terminals, there are rich slivers of shores at Sentosa Serapong.
Also of course, at Cyrene Reef. I was glad to be able to share this amazing reef with MPA staff recently.

Consolidation of container terminals will hopefully allow these remaining shores to do much better in the future.

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