10 September 2012

Sharing about our shores

I had a great time speaking to students at the NUS High School today!
As the low tides ease up, I had time to catch up with some talks and this was one of them.

Today's talk was arranged thanks to Sankar, who is also an awesome volunteer guide with the Naked Hermit Crabs. Here he is guiding at one of our recent free walks at Pasir Ris mangroves.
Sankar also volunteers with TeamSeagrass and helps out not only with monitoring but also at outreach programmes such as at the recent Biodiversity Festival, manning the TeamSeagrass booth when the President visited at the event.
It was nice to finally meet Sankar's fellow students who asked lots of interesting questions and were kind enough to listen to my bad jokes. Within hours after the talk, some of them have already signed up for action programmes like the Mega Marine Survey! Bravo!

I also spoke to a large group of students at Republic Polytechnic on 10 Aug, kindly arranged by Isabelle Lee and was pleasantly surprised to also meet her teacher Amy Choong, whom I haven't seen for many years. Amy not only treated me to a nice lunch (thank you!), we had a nice time catching up, but she also sent me a very comprehensive feedback from more than a hundred students! I learnt a lot from this feedback to help me improve my talks. Thank you! Alas, I forgot to take a photo of the event.

Thanks to Dr Beverly Goh, I also had an opportunity to speak with her students at her MSc (Life Sciences) Environmental Science course on 23 Aug. It was great to share ideas and discuss some of the more complicated issues facing our marine biodiversity with the enthusiastic course participants. I learnt much from them. Once again, I forgot to take a photo of everyone.

It's inspiring for me to meet such a wide range of people, and learn from them about their thoughts and ideas for our marine life.

Thank you everyone!

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