28 August 2011

Massive flaring at Jurong Island

Towering above the skyline, massive flaring was going on at Jurong Island yesterday.
Here is the flare taken from Pulau Semakau's sea shore. Pulau Hantu is the forested area on the horizon. Pulau Bukom lies to the right and is not in this photo. I didn't notice massive flaring on Pulau Bukom on this trip.

I first noticed the Jurong flaring even as we were leaving the mainland toward Semakau. The three towers are on Jurong Island. The low seawall is at West Coast protecting the boat parking area there.
The flare was even more obvious as night fell. An orange glow in the sky behind the mangrove trees growing at Pulau Semakau. The bright white lights are the oil refineries on Pulau Bukom.
As we walked on the landfill wall, the glow of the flaring on Jurong Island is more obvious. As well as a second flare to the left.
Here's another look at the flaring on Jurong Island from the boat as we were nearing the mainland on our way home. The three towers are on the right.
Here's the location of Jurong Island relative to Pulau Bukom and Pulau Semakau.
I can't quite figure out exactly which of the many industrial facilities on Jurong Island is conducting flaring. If you do know, could you please leave a comment on this post? Thank you!

Update: Massive flaring continues on 30 Aug during our trip to Cyrene Reef.

Flaring is like an oil slick from the sky. Whatever is burnt off, eventually falls back into the sea. Here's more about flaring: what is flaring and some flaring observed especially the massive flaring at Pulau Bukom. In Feb 2010, we observed flaring at Pulau Bukom. Here's a view of flaring from Pulau Hantu with Andy's video of this. It was only in Sep 2010 that NEA's position on flaring was revealed in the media.


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