23 June 2011

Singapore's wild shores featured in the Good Paper

Entitled "The ABC of Singapore Shores" the Good Paper has transformed my boring write up of our shores into an awesome online post!
Indeed, our shores are A=Alive, B='Banyak' (or Bountiful in Malay) and C=Convenient!

Full of video clips and slideshows, lots of links to more information for ordinary people to make a difference. Dazzle of the Good Paper spent hours working on it! Thank you Dazzle!

Read "The ABC of Singapore Shores" on the Good Paper.

The Good Paper is "the paper for awareness and action" and their articles feature:
  • Founders and directors of organisations spill the beans on their worlds
  • Youths share their journeys up the delicious mountain of potential
  • The icy cold scoop on Singapore-based high profile global conferences that will blow your socks off
  • Inspirational durians for the soul
  • Creating tasty social therapy through purchasing power
  • How to cook up beneficial changes through doing
We share driving passions, great ideas and business models that can make a systematic and lasting difference in your life and the lives of people that matter to you. Our benchmark for success is that each article inspires someone to take action and we want to make it easy for you to do when you find something good.

Behind the scenes and through this paper, the work we do is about linking partners. Many NGOs, charities and social enterprises have unfulfilled needs and Good Paper is a platform for communicating and responding to those needs. We reach out to passionate youths, philanthropically-minded individuals and companies with strong corporate social responsibility programs to bring them together to create opportunities and build for the better.

Read the Good Paper


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