21 April 2011

21 Apr-2 May: Exhibition on "A decade of biodiversity conservation and discoveries in Singapore"

Launched today, a wonderful exhibition about amazing biodiversity in Singapore. After our trip to Pulau Jong, Chay Hoon and I hurried over to catch the event.
We arrive just in time to hear Prof Tommy Koh, the Guest of Honour at the event.

I learnt that recent discoveries resulted in about 500 species of plants and animals are new to Singapore, with more than 100 species also new to science. Wow! The exhibition showcases some of this bewildering variety of biodiversity from Singapore! With lots of photos and interesting information, in easy-to-read posters.
Of course, there's lots of special finds from our shores too!
These special finds were made possible by many special people! And some of them were at the exhibition to personally explain their finds.
Here's Lim Swee Cheng sharing with Prof Tommy Koh one of the marvellous sponges of Singapore! You can find out more about our sponges from Swee Cheng's awesome Guide to Sponges of Singapore.
Another super find is a pretty purple crab with a new genus! Dr. Jose Christopher E. Mendoza and Prof Peter K. L. Ng share about this crab with Prof Tommy Koh. More about this crab on the Raffles Museum News blog.
There's lots of phototaking going on, with camera small (Dr Chua Ee Kiam) and big (Dr Tan Heok Hui). It was also great to catch up with so many friends and meet new friends.
The exhibition is free and is on display at the HortPark Gallery from 21 April to 2 May 2011, from 7.00am to 10.00pm. It will subsequently rove to the libraries, City Square Mall and Wisma Atria throughout the year.  More media articles about this event on wildsingapore news.

A highlight of this event is the launch of Robin Ngiam's fabulous book "Dragonflies of our Parks and Gardens". Here is Robin with Prof Tommy Koh, looking at a poster of one of the dragonfly finds in Singapore.
I hurried grabbed a copy of this wonderful book!
It is packed with information! You can find out all about these amazing animals, their life cycle and behaviour.
There are chapters on the dragonflies you can find in various places, including our parks.
And of course in our Nature Reserves.
And even how you can create habitats to attract dragonflies!
There's a list of our dragonflies and where you can go to see them.
Tucked in the back of the book is a handy ID pamphlet that you can take along with you on your field trip to watch these beautiful animals! Once I find out where you can buy this fabulous book, I'll update this post.
Also launched today is a website of these discoveries and many other marvels of our biodiversity! What a great resource! Find out more at NPark's Flora and Fauna web.
I am delighted to be able to contribute use of my photos of marine life to this website. And am glad that NParks has found my photos useful. Like this photo of the Floral egg crab eating a fish! I'm always glad to contribute to efforts to raise awareness of Singapore's biodiversity.
Although the website suggests that my photos on the website are copyrighted by Flora and Fauna web, I would like to assure that the photos were taken by me, and that copyrights remain with me and that I thus always had and continue to retain the rights to offer these photos for use by others. You can view and download my photos for use for free from wildsingapore flickr under Creative Commons. I understand that efforts are being made to clarify the copyright status of photos used in Flora and Fauna web to avoid any misunderstanding with regard to the copyrights to photos and use of these photos by others.

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