11 December 2010

A quick look at Sungei Buloh

Hello, says the Plantain squirrel that I met on the Main Bridge at Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve this morning.
The bold little beast hardly bats an eyelid as he scampers openly on the railings.

He sure is in a hurry.
He just ignores me as he makes his way urgently across the Bridge.
He seems to be heading for the shelter in the middle of the Main Bridge.
Ah, here's why. A large family has settled down at the shelter and started to have their lunch. It sure smells delicious!
At the Main Hide, a group of young ones are fascinated by the shorebirds that can be easily viewed here. It's the migratory season now so there's plenty of interesting sightings to be made here.
I also bumped into Azlin, who is guiding some visitors and is here showing them Dr Chua Ee Kiam's awesome book about the Reserve. More about the book on this blog and on Dr Chua's website.
This morning, the much anticipated Young Naturalist Passport Camp is going on at the Reserve! There's lots of busy kids exploring the mangroves!
There's another eager bunch at the Visitor Centre fish tanks.
Here's some of the kids looking at the wonderful sculpture at the Visitor Centre entrance of the different kinds of eyes of wildlife in the Reserve.
The kids are excited to see all kinds of wildlife just at the Visitor Centre entrance!
There's a big lazy Malayan water monitor just getting comfortable on the floating platforms in the pond, after scaring off the smaller terrapins.
And another one just under the bridge!
And what's that little brown lump in between the breathing roots of the Berembang tree? It's a bird! A little Bittern clinging on to the roots with its long legs.
The Bittern has a very long neck which can snap out to grab luckless fishies and other prey.
I saw all these on a short walk at the Reserve after a briefing by Sharon Chan about the latest plans for Sungei Buloh's Master Plan.
Wow, there sure is a lot of exciting things to look forward to! And many ways that volunteers can help to make the Master Plan a reality. From doing surveys like the one we just did under the Mega Marine Survey, and more. Actually, today Mendis was conducting the first of two Bird Census involving volunteers.

Find out more about how you can volunteer at the Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve website.

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