02 December 2010

Muddy moray and other marvels with the Mega Marine Survey!

An exciting day at Sungei Buloh with the Mega Marine Survey team!
With lots of wildlife all around us. Including a Malayan water monitor, determined to eat his lunch and undisturbed by the team hard at work nearby!

Along the way, we had a look at the Mangrove pit viper, just so we know that we should watch where we put our hands when we clutch at mangrove trees!

It's muddy hard work, and getting stuck in soft mud. But Linda and Jonathan show how easy it is to get out of trouble if you know what you are doing.
Dr Tan Koh Siang tells us fascinating facts about some of the critters we saw.
Here's my feeble attempt to make some of the finds look pretty. It's hard with wormy muddy critters!
Among the interesting finds, a fish which might be the Estuarine moray eel!

Read all about the trip on the Mega Marine Survey blog, and find out how you too can be a part of this unique opportunity to contribute to learning more about our shores!

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