26 November 2010

Launch of Mega Marine Survey!

The Mega Marine Survey is launched today with the first briefing to a large and enthusiastic crowd of volunteers!
It was great learning more about the plans and exciting activities ahead. Read more about it on the Mega Marine Survey blog.

Meanwhile, the Titan arum seems, to me, to have shrunk somewhat. Oh dear. Will it ever flower?
You can tell the arum flower is really tall, because it's a lot taller than Robert H!! And Robert is very tall.
The briefing was a great opportunity to catch up with so many old friends. Angie shares a bag full of boiled nangka seeds. Apparently quite delicious, more tasty than they look. I'm afraid I didn't try them.
As we waited outside the briefing room, the Red-legged crake came out again! This time I got a less bad photo as there was more light.
And here's the Crake Papparazzi!
What an exciting day it's been. Tomorrow, we guide at Chek Jawa with the Naked Hermit Crabs. Hope we have good weather!

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