23 March 2010

Singapore's marine biodiversity featured on FaunaWeb

NParks' new website FaunaWeb features many of our favourite marine life!

There's also a special feature on various animals, including this special sea star!
There's many ways to explore this fascinating website. You can check out your favourite animal groups. Or find out what kinds of animals can be found in the wide variety of ecosystems and habitats in Singapore. Or look at our endangered and rare animals.
There's lots of our favourite sea stars and echinoderms!
As well as our spectacular hard corals!
And who doesn't love crabs?!
It's great to see our marine life featured on this site. Which also has terrestrial animals, from warm and cuddly ones to slithery snakes and little insects!

Check out the write up on FaunaWeb and also the veteran FloraWeb on the Celebrating Singapore's Biodiversity blog.

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