11 February 2010

New Nature Forum by Nature Society (Singapore)

Subtitled "NSS - Watching the Wild, Watching over the Wild...", the NSS Nature Forum is aimed at providing "online Nature Watching".
From the NSS website: "We already have more than 100 members and 1,000 postings. What are you waiting for? Register for an account now and experience nature right from your PC!" (I'm sure Macs can also access the forum).

More from the NSS website:

Need expert help to find out the name of a tree that is flowering all over Singapore? Want to learn what are the best books to help identify an insect you photographed? Wonder which DSLR camera and accessories are best for taking close-up nature photos? Want to view albums from an NSS event you attended? There is a new website you can click, to connect with like-minded folks to share and help each other with any nature-related topics – The NSS Nature Forum.

The forum is free-of-charge and open to both NSS members and non-members. It is designed to serve as a virtual gathering place to facilitate discussions, share photos and ideas, ask questions and forge friendships with fellow nature lovers.

Registration is free but requires moderator approval.

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