19 January 2010

Does seafood eco-labelling work?

The WWF's study found "serious inadequacies in a number of ecolabels and cast doubt on their overall contribution to effective fisheries management and sustainability."
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"The growth of seafood ecolabels over the last ten years attests to the strong demand from consumers and seafood companies who want seafood from better fisheries."

"But with the proliferation of ecolabels and the variability of these schemes there is a real risk of confusion, or worse still a lack of confidence in seafood ecolabelling among buyers and consumers."

"While the assessment shows the MSC comes out best in class using the most rigorous programme out there, it is not perfect. Improvements are needed across the board to ensure all seafood ecolabels deliver on their promise."

So what should concerned consumers do?
Alas, there were no suggestions in this regard.

In Singapore, WWF announced in 2008 that it was working on a Singapore Sustainable Seafood guide. But so far, we've not heard about how it's coming along.


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