11 December 2009

Open for booking 15 Dec: Chek Jawa intertidal walk dates for Jan-Jun 10

A special shore with lots of history and a wide range of things to see and do, the morning low tide trips to Chek Jawa on Pulau Ubin will be available for online booking from 15 Dec (Tue).
Chek Jawa is for the children

Dates of the public walks

Taken from the NParks website.
Available for booking from 15 Dec (Tue)
28 Jan (Thu) 3.00pm
29 Jan (Fri) 3.00pm
30 Jan (Sat) 4.00pm
26 Feb (Fri) 2.00pm
27 Feb (Sat) 3.00pm
28 Feb (Sun) 4.00pm
6 Mar (Sat) 8.00am
22 Mar (Mon) 8.00am
27 Mar (Sat) 2.00pm
29 Mar (Mon) 4.00pm
4 Apr (Sun) 8.00am
5 Apr (Mon) 8.00am
20 Apr (Tue) 8.00am
21 Apr (Wed) 8.00am
4 May (Tue) 8.00am
18 May (Tue) 8.00am
19 May (Wed) 8.00am
20 May (Thu) 8.00am
21 May (Fri) 9.00am
2 Jun (Wed) 8.00am
3 Jun (Thu) 8.00am
16 Jun (Wed) 8.00am
17 Jun (Thu) 8.00am
18 Jun (Fri) 8.00am

More details on the NParks website

How to book a tour?
According to the NParks website: "With effect from 1st June 2009, booking for guided tours will only be available via internet booking."

How does internet booking work?
To register, click on your preferred date. On the page of your preferred date, click on a link labeled "Registration" which will appear besides the link labeled "Email a Friend" from 15 Dec. Before 15 Dec, this link will NOT be available.

Here's more details on how to book the walks online.

More details about the walk on the NParks website.

I can't get a slot for the walk!
Why are there so few slots?
Why is there no walk this weekend?
and more FAQs about shore walks in Singapore.

For feedback and other comments on the Chek Jawa intertidal walk, please send these to NParks who manage the walks. Use the NParks contact form on their website. Or try the following contacts
Helpline Number: 1800-471 7300 (Toll-free)
Fax: 6472 3033

Any other shore walks that I can join?
More links


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