10 December 2009

Sand mining off the East Coast for dumping off Labrador continues to Jun 10

Where does the sand come from, for the massive reclamation off Labrador?
It appears, one of the sources is from massive dredging within the four points off our East Coast. This dredging has been going since March 2008.

Sand Mining at Area 1 and Dumping at Pasir Panjang Terminal Project Working Area
from Port Marine Notice No. 173 of 2009 dated 3 Dec 2009

This is a revision of Port Marine Notice No. 79 of 2009. The working area at PPT has been revised and working period has been extended.

With effect from 15 Dec 2009 to 14 Jun 2010. 24 hours daily including Sundays and Public Holidays. Area 1, Eastern part of Singapore, within working area bounded by the
following co-ordinates [marked in google earth image above]

DUMPING AREA (Pasir Panjang Terminal Project – Working Area 11)

The reclamation works will involve dredging by Queen of Penta Ocean (TSHD) at Area 1.
Area 1 extends from the Singapore Port Limit into the westbound lane of the Traffic Separation Scheme (TSS) within the Singapore Strait.

All dredged materials will be dumped at Pasir Panjang Terminal project (See Working Area 11). Further enquiries relating to the project can be directed to Mr. A. Kitagawa, the project manager at Tel No: 8428 1216 (email:a.kitagawa@mypenta.net).

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