27 August 2009

Marcus and the Semakau Book on Razor TV

Marcus continues to work hard on Pulau Semakau long after the field trips for the book were over. Marcus not only wrote the book, but recently also conducted several field trips for journalists arranged by NEA.

Here's a great series of clips on Razor TV about one of Marcus' trip to Semakau encompassing many of our favourite marine life, as well as the key messages we strive to impart about our shores.
Andy (with backpack) helped out Marcus on this trip. We can see brief glimpses of him on the clips.
Bravo to Marcus and the Book Team for putting together a fantastic resource on Semakau!

Marcus was also interviewed by CNA Primetime Morning. Juanhui Jun Lin has the clip on her facebook.

I haven't got a copy of the book yet and will do a proper review when I do.

More than a dumping ground: Pulau Semakau
Cheong Poh Kwan, Straits Times 26 Aug 09;
THE 10-year-old Semakau Landfill is a dumping ground for Singaporeans' trash, but it is also a haven of biodiversity.

The offshore island harbours more than 780 species of plants and animals.

In particular, the intertidal reef flat and seagrass meadow surrounding the western shore of Pulau Semakau is teeming with marine creatures.

At low tide, visitors can catch pairs of sea stars sharing some intimate moments on the mudflat.

Animals such as stingrays and oysters, which always end up in Singaporeans' favourite hawker fare, can also be seen in their natural habitats.

RazorTV brings you 8km south of mainland Singapore to Semakau Landfill.

Catch the clips to appreciate its rich biodiversity.

Star couple's intimate moment (Semakau Landfill Part 1)

No chilli on these stingrays and crabs (Semakau Landfill Part 2)

Watch your step (Semakau Landfill Part 3)

Cockroach free dumpster? (Semakau Landfill Part 4)


  1. Almost a good piece of journalism. Pity the voice-over and reading is terrible. Should really consider improving her diction, maybe attend a class or something.



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